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Giorgio Armani cancels the Covid fashion shows: “Health and safety are priorities”

Giorgio Armani

Considering the rapid advancement of the Omicron variant and the increase in Covid-19 cases, the designer has decided to cancel the shows giving priority to health and safety.

Giorgio Armani has shown himself to be attentive to the current epidemiological situation, which is certainly worrying. By virtue of what is happening, the designer has made the decision to cancel the Emporio Armani, Giorgio Armani men’s fall winter 2022 2023 and Giorgio Armani Privé spring summer 2022 fashion shows. The events were in fact scheduled for the next few weeks, right in full swing. of the growth of Omicron variant cases.

Armani cancels fashion shows to prioritize safety

As reported by TG Com 24 : ” PRIORITY HEALTH AND SAFETY” – The fashion show remains, as the stylist has repeatedly stated and as the official note of the maison underlines, a fundamental and irreplaceable moment but the protection of the health and safety of collaborators and the public is once again a priority. “

These are the reasons why Giorgio Armani has decided to cancel the shows scheduled for the coming weeks. When they can be held does not depend on the designer but on the situation of the pandemic in Italy. In fact, the situation is getting worse and worse with the latest variant of Covid-19, much more widespread but less dangerous than the previous ones.

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