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Glow effects and sparkling colors from eyes to lips: the make-up trends for fall / winter 2022-2023

Orange make up

Nude base, thin eyeliner strokes, foreground lips and clouds of color: this year's make-up is romantic, bright and colorful

Essential, colorful but extremely attentive to detail: this is how the make-up of this cold season presents itself, determined to put aside excessive looks to return to the essential, as if to become one and a natural transformation and enhancement of the face who will wear it. So on the delicately nude and luminous face, lips and eyes focus on color in search of chromatic games and contrasts with a romantic appeal. The eyeliner is there but compared to summer it focuses on less spectacular lines, thinner, well defined and without overwhelming the overall make-up.

Make up fall / winter 2022-2023, lips: intense or glow

If in previous seasons the eyes have had a greater focus for reasons we now know well, this is the winter season of the lips that take their revenge: mat or bright , from darker to lighter shades depending on the overall look that we want to give our make up look.

A nude make-up can be enhanced by both matte lip colors ranging from the clearest and most natural to the more rosy ones, ready to go even towards purple and burgundy, traditional colors of this season. Lip palette that ranges towards the colors of the earth is the one presented by Dior, which surprisingly proposes its Dior Addict Lip in Burgundy, both in brighter and glow shades.

Defined eyeliner and eye shadows in bold and pastel colors

Nuance is the way , this could be the motto of the beauty looks of the fall season, where the eyeshadow is by far the protagonist this time. In fact, the eyeliner, after being particularly spectacular during the summer, is now defined, subtle, to emphasize and frame the beauty of the delicate colors of the eye shadows, which play between pastel lights and shadows. There is no shortage of tattoo effects such as eyeliner with crossed tail , not to forget a little of the lessons we learned previously on how much we can play and experiment with this product too.

Delicate but intense shades of pink, green, blue do not circumscribe the eye but go beyond the mobile eyelid, so the brushstrokes of colors know no boundaries and the effect is absolutely natural and surprising: we can play at creating contrasts or a tone on tone with our clothing. The texture of the eye shadows for this autumn is in fact decisive but natural, almost as if to naturally blend with the complexion even in the most eccentric colors for a watercolor effect as proposed by Gucci Beauty.

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