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Gluten-free crumble with ricotta and chocolate: a delight for the palate

Gluten-free crumble

The crumbled cake is a very well-known simple dessert and is a very versatile recipe: let's see our version and the delicious variations together!

The crumbled cake is a very versatile dessert that lends itself to different preparations: you can add the type of filling you prefer, we, in addition to the classic ricotta and chocolate, will show you some others. The gluten-free crumbled cake is very easy to prepare even for those who don't have much cooking skills : just pay attention to its crumbliness when you cut it! Here, then, are all the steps for its preparation.

Gluten-free crumble
Gluten-free crumble

Preparing the recipe for gluten-free crumbled bread

  1. To make this recipe, the first thing to do is to mix all the powders to make the pastry. Then, in a bowl add the flour, baking powder and vanilla. Sift everything and arrange them on a fountain-shaped pastry board.
  2. In the center of this add the sugar, the cold butter cut into cubes and the egg. Work everything quickly with your hands and don't worry if the dough is very crumbly, it's the perfect consistency.
  3. Butter and flour a cake pan and remove 2/3 of the dough. Cover the bottom and edges of the cake pan with your crumbled dough, flatten it slightly to shape it and prick it with a fork.
  4. At this point you need to prepare the filling. Pour the ricotta and sugar into a bowl. Stir vigorously to completely dissolve the sugar and obtain a smooth cream. Also add the chocolate chips and mix to combine them with your ricotta cream.
  5. Pour the cream onto the bottom of the crumbled mixture, level it well and cover it with the dough crumbs kept aside. Bake in a hot oven at 180°C and leave to cook for 40 minutes. Let cool before serving.

Variants of gluten-free crumble

For the gluten-free crumble with ricotta and berries you can use both fresh and frozen ones, but we recommend preparing a luis. cooking half the berries in a pan with granulated sugar. The remaining half, however, should be delicately mixed with the ricotta cream. Another very tasty variant is the gluten-free chocolate and coffee crumble. To make it you must prepare a gluten-free cocoa shortcrust pastry by simply replacing 30 grams of flour with bitter cocoa. As for the filling, however, you will have to prepare a gluten-free coffee cream. Finally, one of the most classic variations is the gluten-free crumbled cake with custard. In this case all you have to do is prepare a gluten-free custard , replacing the flour with corn starch following our recipe and your filling is ready!


The crumbled gluten-free ricotta and chocolate can be stored in the fridge covered in cling film for 2 or 3 days.

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