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Gluten-free custard with the Thermomix, ready in 10 minutes!

Gluten-free custard with the Thermomix

Here’s how to make a gluten-free custard with the Thermomix, in a short time and with few ingredients without any effort!

We have decided to show you a quick and easy recipe to satisfy even the greedy cravings of those with intolerances . Today we are going to see how to prepare gluten-free custard with the Thermomix, in order to give everyone the opportunity to enjoy a good dessert without changing the good taste of the classic cream.

You can follow this recipe by making some small variations according to your tastes and the ingredients you will have at your disposal. However, a few will be enough and, with the help of the Thermomix, we will quickly create a frothy cream without any effort. You can use it as a spoon dessert decorated with chocolate chips, or as a filling for gluten-free sweets.

Let’s move on to the quick recipe!

Gluten-free custard with the Thermomix
Gluten-free custard with the Thermomix

Preparation of the gluten-free custard recipe with the Thermomix

  1. Pour the lemon zest and sugar into the mixing bowl and chop for 10 seconds at speed 10 . Collect the mixture deposited on the bottom with a spatula.
  2. Add milk, eggs and potato starch and cook for 7 minutes at 90 ° on speed 4 .
  3. Pour the cream into a large container and cover with cling film to avoid creating a skin on the surface.
  4. Let it cool completely before using it.

Tips and ideas for gluten free custard with the Thermomix

Flavor the celiac cream with the Thermomix with lemon or orange juice for a more pronounced sour taste, or with a pinch of cinnamon or a spoonful of vanilla sugar for a delicate aroma.

You can replace potato starch with rice starch or corn starch (cornstarch) . Depending on your tastes, you can use a vanilla bean instead of the lemon zest, opening the end of the berry and removing the seeds with a knife.


Keep the custard in the fridge when it is already cold for a maximum of two days in an airtight container with contact film so that a crust does not form on the surface.

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