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Gluten-free stuffed zucchini: a tasty second course

Gluten-free stuffed zucchini

Preparing gluten-free stuffed zucchini cooked in the oven is really very simple. Here is our hearty recipe with peppers and cheddar.

The gluten-free stuffed zucchini recipe is perfect in every season , but especially when we can dedicate ourselves to the preparation of delicious main courses. In fact, stuffed vegetables are delicious and rich, as well as always appreciated by young and old.

The courgettes stuffed with meat are really excellent: we have prepared them in a lighter key using minced chicken and they are certainly no less tasty than the more classic versions! Peppers, eggs, parsley and cheese will give the dish all the flavor it needs.

Gluten-free stuffed zucchini
Gluten-free stuffed zucchini

How to prepare gluten-free stuffed zucchini in the oven

  1. First, wash the courgettes under running water, then boil them whole for 15 minutes in plenty of salted water. It is important to choose courgettes that are not too large: a maximum of 15-20 cm in length will be perfect.
  2. Drain them and, once they have cooled, remove the ends and cut them in half lengthwise. Dig out the pulp with a spoon or with the special scoop and salt the inside.
  3. On the side, mix the minced chicken with the egg , the grated cheese and the roasted pepper cut into small pieces. Season with salt, pepper and add the very finely minced garlic . Mix to obtain a homogeneous mixture.
  4. Stuff the courgettes with the filling, pressing lightly, then complete with a sprinkling of grated cheddar and bake at 200°C for 30 minutes .
  5. Serve your gluten-free stuffed zucchini once they have cooled down or at room temperature.

Stuffed courgettes go perfectly with homemade mayonnaise and are ideal if served with a side dish of green salad . In a completely analogous way they can also be prepared with the chosen minced meat usually used for the preparation of ragù .


This dish can be kept for about 2 days in the refrigerator carefully covered in transparent film or in airtight containers. The recipe also lends itself to being frozen : both after and before cooking in the oven so that it will keep much longer.

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