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Gnocchi alla bava, the super stringy recipe

Gnocchi Alla Bava

Gnocchi alla bava are a very quick first course to prepare, but above all they are incredibly tasty: you will love them.

Gnocchi alla bava are a very tasty first course. They owe their name to the string of melted fontina present in the sauce. In this dish, if you like it, it is good to abound with pepper , which gives tone to its taste and perfectly complements the cheeses and potato gnocchi. The only possible difficulty with this recipe is managing the cooking of the sauce and the gnocchi at the same time. They must be ready at the same time, so that the taste of the fontina cheese dissolved in the cream can be as good as possible.

It's not a dietetic recipe, but if you accompany it with a light second course, a little break once in a while can also be done, especially if in the end we taste a goodness like this .

Gnocchi Alla Bava
Gnocchi Alla Bava

Preparation of gnocchi alla bava with the original recipe

  1. Start by preparing the gnocchi. Immerse the potatoes in their skins in a pot of boiling salted water and let them cook for about 30 minutes .
  2. When they are cooked (test them by poking them with a fork), drain them, dry them and remove the peel, taking care not to burn yourself and mash them in the potato masher.
  3. When the tubers are still hot, add the flour little by little, starting to knead quickly with your hands.
  4. Also add the egg, a pinch of salt and continue to knead by adding the remaining flour until you create a soft dough (do not work it too much, otherwise it will become very hard once cooked).
  5. Create loaves and cut the gnocchi 2-3 cm large each .
  6. Now let them rest for a few minutes apart and start putting the water on to cook them and prepare the cheese sauce.
  7. Cut the fontina into small cubes , if you want you can also grate it with a large-hole grater.
  8. When the water is about to boil, place a non-stick pan on the heat and pour in the milk.
  9. Bring it almost to the boil, then add the cubes of fontina cheese and the cream. Turn continuously over low heat , you must first melt the fontina, then continue turning until you have a thick and creamy sauce (if necessary, you can add a little milk if the fondue is too thick or, on the contrary, a few tablespoons of cream).
  10. Throw the gnocchi into the boiling water. They are cooked when they float to the surface, which takes about three minutes .
  11. Drain the gnocchi well with a slotted spoon and pour them directly into the pan with the fondue.
  12. Toss them in the pan and continue until all the gnocchi are drained.
  13. Turn off the heat and season with pepper.
  14. Give it one last turn and serve very hot on the table: the guests will argue over the dishes !

If you want to cook this dish from scratch, we suggest you try our gnocchi recipe !

If you want you can also divide the gnocchetti alla bava into earthenware dishes, give a small sprinkling of grated cheese on the surface, and conclude by passing each dish for about 5-10 minutes in the oven grill at 180°C to create a delicious crust or by adding 1- 2 leaves of fresh basil.


We advise you to consume the potato gnocchi alla bava at the moment , when the sauce is still hot and creamy. In fact, with the passing of the minutes it will tend to firm up, becoming much less palatable.

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