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Gold and silver trousers, the new elegant must-have for spring 2023

Gold pants

Gold and silver become street: the spring 2023 palette welcomes two bright trendy colors to wear every day

You would never believe it yet it is so! Let's clear customs and upset a belief that is now officially false: gold and silver are no longer just Christmas and New Year's, but they also make spring because among the trendy colors of the summer 2023 these two nuances with a spatial appeal steal the show. Capable of making even the most casual look effervescent, perfect for rewriting the rules of mid-season glam elegance, gold and silver trousers are the must-have to add to your current shopping list. From the catwalk to the street fashion of celebs, Katie Holmes in pole position, let's find out how to combine these two precious metallic nuances.

Spring 2023 trend: the lightness of silver, the audacity of gold on cargo pants

Spring 2023 staged on the catwalk of the past fashion weeks in some cases turned into a dance floor or a luminous universe: at Isabel Marant a storm of gold and silver invaded the wardrobe, showing us how a white ruffle top can beautifully light up with a pair of dark silver cargo pants.

– The days that lengthen, the persistence of sunlight that makes the soul more serene and joyful crystallizes in these looks that emphasize the nuances of this light and this sensation of lightness, of which the white and silver combo seems to be the most loved, also found at the Jacquemus fashion show.

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– And in the denim season, certainly this texture could not remain impassive to a metallic lash: Madison Maison in fact proposes a sparkling denim in gold tie dye, a glam model that gives a bold impact to a disengaged evening look.

Gold and silver, instructions for use: how to combine trousers

If you think that these two nuances are fabulous but challenging to match, we immediately reassure you: you will deeply love the basic colors such as white, black, but also gray and beige which lend themselves very well to defuse the metallic effect, ready to create looks that are as casual as they are elegant . Katie Holmes has recently given us proof of this: the actress has chosen a pastel gold , palazzo pants to which she has combined a leather trench coat and a white shirt, daring with a pair of dark silver slingbacks playing with contrasts. The effect is glam and chic!

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– For an evening look , focus on dark gold trousers to combine with colors such as black or burgundy, elegant nuances that emphasize the more glamorous soul of gold to show off on special evenings and events. And without any fear, dare with a pair of gold or beige pumps for a harmonious effect.

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– Undoubtedly the lightest shade of gold is the one in which to invest the most in your wardrobe, also perfect for creating an office look with a striped shirt, another must have of the season. Blue or light blue accessories and footwear will complete your outfit giving a chic and romantic allure.

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