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Greasy hair in summer? Let’s discover the tricks to get the better of it

fat hair

Greasy hair in summer is a problem that can be solved with a few simple steps. Let's find out what the key ones are.

Anyone who has the problem of oily hair knows how the situation tends to get more complex in the summer. In fact, due to the rise in temperatures , the skin tends to produce more sebum to protect itself. A completely natural phenomenon but which for those who already have hair that tends to get fat can be a real obstacle. Fortunately, there are some small tricks that can be implemented and which, if followed correctly, guarantee a more beautiful, less greasy hair that is able to get through the summer without too many problems. Let's find out, therefore, what are the steps to take to counteract oily hair during the summer season.

The tricks to get the better of greasy hair

Hair that tends to get greasy can have both a genetic origin and linked to other factors such as hormonal or dietary problems. The way to act to counter them , however, does not change.
To ensure that excess sebum does not lead to greasy hair and a tendency to look dirty, there are in fact some small rules which, once put into practice, will change the situation for the better.

fat hair
fat hair

Choose the right products

The fight against oily hair starts with the products you choose to use to clean it every day.
These must be light so as not to weigh down the hair and not to increase the "greased" effect. To obtain this result, it is enough to prefer shampoo and conditioner based on few ingredients and therefore have a good INCI. This means preferring organic or, when possible, natural products.

Avoid all products that grease the hair

Since the real problem with greasy hair is the greasy effect that makes it look dirty, one trick is to avoid using oils or creams that can weigh it down. The more products you use, the higher the risk of your hair looking dirty. Perhaps at the beginning they will be less soft but as the hours go by, they will acquire the right shine without, however, reaching the unwelcome greasy effect.

Avoid the hairdryer

As we have already seen, heat causes a greater excess of sebum. To avoid this, therefore, it is very important to pay attention to how you dry your hair. If possible, also taking advantage of the hottest season, it would therefore be better to dry them in the air, avoiding the hairdryer altogether.
Otherwise you can still use the hair dryer but with a jet of cold air or, as a last resort, keeping it as far away from the skin as possible. The same also applies to the use of plates and other tools that make use of heat.

Developing these simple tips can be of great help in the fight against oily hair. With due care, these will appear healthier and, above all, less greasy. A result that can be increased by following a healthy and balanced diet and avoiding touching the hair continuously. Small rules that those with oily hair surely know.

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