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Greek salad

Portion of Greek salad

Do you know the ingredients of Greek salad? Also called Horiatiki, it is a traditional dish that is very simple to prepare: perfect for cooling off… with flavour!

Today we are preparing a delicious Greek salad, a dish made entirely from vegetarian ingredients, but very tasty and with a strong flavour. This course is ideal to prepare all year round, but is especially perfect during the hottest days, and guarantees taste, freshness and also a lot of lightness.

In today's recipe we will see how to make this traditional salad with feta in its original version, some delicious variations and finally the calories of the dish. What do you think, let's get started right away ? Here's the Greek salad!

Portion of Greek salad
Portion of Greek salad

How to make Greek salad: original recipe

  1. Start washing and cleaning the vegetables. In a salad bowl, place the tomato (or cherry tomatoes, depending on your taste), the cucumber cut into pieces and the pepper, cleaned and cut into strips.
  2. Also add the onion cut into thin slices and season everything with salt (be careful not to overdo it because the feta is very salty), pepper and olive oil.
  3. Mix well and put everything on plates, garnish with olives and sprinkle with oregano. Finally, place the diced feta on top of the salad.
  4. After serving the dishes, everyone can continue to mix their own salad, in this way the feta will crumble even more, acting as a further condiment and making the dish very tasty . Enjoy your meal!

If you liked the Greek salad recipe, discover the preparation video .


Like all salads, as soon as you add dressing you accelerate the deterioration. Therefore, we advise you to enjoy it immediately after preparation or to season it at the end and keep it for a day in the fridge , well covered.

Greek salad: the calories in the dish

If you are looking for a summer dish that is delicious but light at the same time, with this salad you will have hit the jackpot! In fact, thanks to its approximately 350/400 Kcal for every 100 g, you can consume it directly as a main dish. Remember that of all the ingredients the one with the highest caloric intake is feta, so, if you wish, you can also reduce the quantity of cheese by adding more tomatoes!

Preparation tips for traditional Greek salad

There are some tips for making the recipe ( but also its variations ). First of all we advise you to make the cucumber more digestible by removing all the internal seeds if possible. Cut the vegetables on a cutting board and remove the seeds before adding them to the other ingredients for the Greek salad.

You should also know that the size with which you cut onion, tomatoes and cucumbers is not relevant : you can adopt the cut you like best, for example there are those who make cucumber spaghetti with the appropriate kitchen utensil.

As a final piece of advice we want to remind you to pay attention to the salt , together with the flavor of the feta it can transform the dish into something truly inedible which is why it is better to stay under salt until you have mixed the cheese well.

Greek chicken salad
Greek chicken salad

Some tasty variations

If you want, you can unleash your imagination and enrich this dish with many ingredients. For example, if you want to enjoy a more Italian version, you can add some lettuce, which will give crunch and color to the dish. If you want to opt for more deliciousness, the ideas are truly endless! Try with anchovies, capers, Taggiasca olives, or with chicken, which you can grill and cut into slices.

Finally, as regards the condiments, you can also serve this dish with yogurt sauce or accompanying it with tsatziki , a sauce made from Greek yogurt and cucumbers and flavored with lots of spices and aromatic herbs.

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