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Green beans and potatoes

green beans and potatoes

With just a few ingredients you can prepare an excellent side dish of green beans and potato salad. Here's how we do it in less than 30 minutes.

Green beans, known in some areas of Italy as cornettes or croissants , are a typically spring vegetable. They are perfect for making simple but tasty side dishes such as green beans and potatoes . This sort of salad is perfect to accompany any dish and represents an excellent way to approach a lighter diet that winks at summer.

Preparing the green bean and potato salad is very simple because the vegetables will be boiled together and then seasoned, once cold, with oil, vinegar, salt and parsley. We will also leave you some advice for preparing stewed green beans and potatoes, ideal if you are looking for a hot variation on the recipe.

green beans and potatoes
green beans and potatoes

How to prepare the green beans and potatoes recipe

  1. First clean the green beans by removing the ends and filament. Then rinse them under running water and drain them well.
  2. Peel the potatoes and cut them into 2cm pieces.
  3. Dip the potatoes in a pan full of water and transfer to the heat. When it comes to the boil, add a teaspoon of coarse salt and the green beans and cook everything for 15 minutes .
  4. Once ready, drain them and transfer them to a bowl to cool.
  5. Season the green beans with vinegar, oil and salt if needed and flavor with a sprinkling of fresh chopped parsley.

Green beans and potatoes: other cooking methods

To maintain the nutrients in the vegetables you can also steam green beans and potatoes , even in a pressure cooker . In the first case it will take 15-20 minutes (make sure they are tender if pierced with a fork), in the second 10 minutes will be enough.

To prepare stewed green beans and potatoes , after having boiled them as per the recipe, sauté them in a pan with a light sauce based on tomato, garlic and chilli pepper.

However, we also want to recommend a second course of humble origins but very rich in flavour: green beans and eggs .


The green bean and potato salad will keep for up to 2 days in the refrigerator . We recommend bringing it back to room temperature before serving.

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