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Hair protection from the sun: tips and products to keep them beautiful and healthy

Dyed hair and sun rays

How to protect your hair from the sun: tips and products to keep your hair healthy

Protecting your hair from the sun is very important, especially if you want your hair to be healthy and beautiful. It often happens that we focus on the unbridled search for sun lotion to get the perfect tan, putting the health of our hair in the background.
UV rays , as well as being harmful to the skin, are equally harmful to our hair. That's why, with summer just around the corner, it's necessary to have the right sunscreen for your hair and take advantage of some valuable advice .

How to prepare your hair for the arrival of summer

Summer represents one of the seasons in which our hair is most abused: frequent washing, chlorine, salt, wind, sun and ponytails could in fact weaken and weaken our hair day by day.

Hair in the sun

But don't worry! With a few little extra tricks you will come out of the summer as a winner.
In fact, there are so many products to protect hair from the sun and other atmospheric agents. If we want to be sure that we are choosing the right one, it is certainly good to ask our trusted hairdresser for advice.
We also remind you that colors are absolutely not recommended before the arrival of summer. The reason? They damage the hair making it more sensitive to UV rays.

What are the 5 rules for protecting hair from the sun

Repairing your hair from the sun is easier than you imagine. In fact, it is enough to follow a few simple tips to take care of it in the right way.

– Apply sunscreen to your hair before going out and repeat the same operation every three hours.
– Wear a hat . If you don't have one yet, this is the right time to buy it: from the classic baseball cap to the more eccentric ones, have fun experimenting with new looks .
– Bring specific shampoo and conditioner for the summer.
– Dab the hair with a towel and prefer natural drying to that of the hair dryer.
– Choose the right comb and prefer, at least in summer, the one with wide ends.

3, 2, 1… beach destination! Hair protection by the sea

Protecting hair from the sea is essential since saltiness is added to the classic enemies.

Hair wellness

So here are 6 tips for facing the beach and arriving in September with perfect hair:

– The protective organic coconut oil and Shea butter are particularly suitable on these occasions: they form a protective film around the hair which prevents the onset of split ends.
– After each bath you need to rinse your hair.
– The application of sunscreen for hair must be constant .
– For the holiday it is useful to have a shampoo for children , it is more delicate than the versions formulated for adults and able to allow hair to be washed every night without feeling guilty.
– Make a nourishing mask every 7 days.
– Avoid using the straightener as much as possible.

A few simple tips that can make the holiday more serene even for the hair. And all for healthier, shinier hair.

The importance of nutrition in hair care

Nutrition also plays a key role in hair health during the summer. A diet that favors seasonal fruit and vegetables is certainly the best choice.

Summer fruit

But beware! Always prefer those that contain high percentages of vitamins A and B. Among the most valuable we mention:

Green leafy vegetables
Brewer's yeast

If, on the other hand, your hair is particularly sensitive and prone to falling out, ask your pharmacist for advice and get some supplements recommended.

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