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Hair that stinks: what to do to combat the embarrassing problem?

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It can happen to have hair that stinks and the causes are different: let's see what to do to get rid of this embarrassing problem.

What to do with stinking hair ? The solutions to counter the problem are different, but it is good to know the triggering cause. From the wrong products to stress, passing through oily or dry skin: there are many factors that can cause this embarrassing smell of the hair. Let's see the causes and the most effective natural remedies.

Hair that stinks: causes

Hair that stinks, although many shy away from talking about it, is a problem that plagues many people. Maybe you have only washed them for a few hours, at most a day, and your scalp is smelly as if you hadn't shampooed. What's the problem? The causes , excluding poor hygiene, are many: excess sebum, dandruff, dry skin, brittle hair, wrong products, air pollution, incorrect nutrition, stress, smoke, the presence of fungi and some types of work, such as chefs.

Like the skin, the hair must also be considered as a kind of sponge . Ergo: they absorb everything around them. Therefore, if the reason for the stinking scalp is not 'internal', it is advisable to take some precautions. For example, if you smoke and can't stop, remember to tie your hair, while if you go on a scooter, before putting on your helmet, place a cotton handkerchief on your head. In this way you will be able to protect the hair a little. Ditto if you do a job that could put a strain on your hair: use a hat or bandana . The rule, therefore, is always that of protection.

My hair stinks: what to do?

Having clarified the causes and the main measures to prevent the hair from giving off a bad smell , it is good to clarify that when the problem creates discomfort it is recommended to talk to your doctor. The latter, in fact, could recommend a specific cure based on the triggering factor. However, there are some effective natural remedies to counteract odor. Calculate that the hair should be washed once or at most twice a week, only with products suitable for the type of hair, including dry shampoo.

The greatest ally to combat smelly hair is the hair perfume , which can also be made at home. All you have to do is dilute some hair oil with water and add the essential oil of your choice. After mixing everything well, put the mixture in a spray container and spray on the head, massaging well from the scalp to the tips. Alternatively, compresses based on rosemary, bay leaf or sage are recommended, to be done before the classic shampoo and to be used for the last rinse.

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