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Hair transplant in Türkiye: where, how and why

hair transplant Türkiye

Wearing long, thick hair has long been seen as a sign of strength.

Already from the bible the hero Samson appears who draws his strength from his long hair, passing from fairy tales with Rapunzel and her long golden braid.

Hair actually conveys power to people, as well as a sense of self-worth , and is often used as a weapon of seduction in attracting subjects of our interest.

Like clothes or accessories, the hairstyle, the color or the cut are elements of style and fashion that characterize children and adults who draw ideas from current trends or icons of the show. At some point, however, many have to deal with hair loss , often suffering a serious blow to their self-confidence.

Androgenic alopecia is a phenomenon that affects both males and females, however men appear to be the ones most subject to hair loss and it manifests itself in a schematic and defined way even reaching baldness , while for women it is more a general thinning .

This problem has both a genetic component, therefore it requires a genetic predisposition, and a hormonal one , specifically due to the testosterone that acts on the hair follicle.

hair transplant Türkiye

What nature can no longer surgery can

However, hair loss remains a completely natural process that is accentuated at certain times of the year and in particular phases of life, but in some cases, unfortunately, there is no way to remedy it.

The hair falls within the canons that define the concept of beauty and for this very reason it becomes a big problem for many. Affecting a higher percentage of men, they are the main users of the solutions to intervene on this problem.

Hair transplantation is still today one of the most effective and increasingly used operations. Amantide, a leading Italian company in this field, has been proposing hair transplantation in Turkey for some years now.

Compared to the past, the techniques used to operate in the trichological field are increasingly innovative. These therefore require the practices of surgical operations, resorting to local anesthesia in order to be able to withdraw and implant the hair bulbs.

The reason why Amantide totally relies on Turkey for these treatments depends on the fact that its partner, Medical Park (the largest Turkish hospital group) offers very high quality solutions at an extremely affordable price. Furthermore, these structures are approved by the international commission that guarantees quality in care and safety , the JCI (Joint Commission International).

Does hair transplant work? What are the techniques used today?

If you have decided to give in to the temptation to undergo the operation and have considered the idea of ​​having a hair transplant in Turkey, you need to understand what the autotransplant techniques are.

FUE and DHI techniques

Among the surgical redistribution solutions with a more natural effect are the FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) and the DHI (Direct Hair Implantation).

FUE is an operation which consists in extracting follicular units by cutting with a very small tool and implanting the follicles individually , thus leaving no visible scars.

The DHI technique differs from the previous one by the absence of the initial micro-incision, therefore the follicular unit is transferred directly.

How to know which is the most suitable technique for your case? Amantide follows a protocol studied in collaboration with Medical Park, a sort of clinical anamnesis that allows the Turkish medical team to establish which is the most suitable technique for each individual patient. Warning: there is no better or worse choice! Everything is chosen on a random basis.

The effectiveness of the hair transplant therefore consists in the fact that the follicles taken come from areas of the scalp that are less affected by the phenomenon of androgenetic alopecia and therefore the life cycle of the hair has a longer perspective. This is why hair transplantation works .

Why choose hair transplant in Türkiye

In Italy, as in many other countries, the desire to solve this aesthetic problem which can also have strong psychological implications is undermined above all by the excessively high costs.

Affordable prices, high professionalism and clinical safety are driving more and more people to have hair transplantation in Turkey .

Istanbul has become one of the most sought-after destinations to carry out operations in the trichological field, as demonstrated by the amount of people who travel to the megalopolis every year. We shouldn't be surprised since with a figure that is between 2,500 and 3,000 euros it is possible to access, thanks to Amantide, hair transplant surgery relying on expert hands.

As previously mentioned, Turkey is one of the best-known countries because it also guarantees greater security thanks to the fact that facilities such as the Medical Park are approved by the international commission that deals with this area, or the Joint Commission International.

The JCI is one of the most important accrediting bodies in healthcare and with the most experience in the field, and its approval can only be synonymous with safety.

For this reason, it is necessary to rely on intermediaries who guarantee transparency throughout the process and above all transparency on payments, to safely take advantage of the journey towards regaining one's self-esteem. This is why Amantide, a company from Vicenza, turns out to be a valid and very interesting choice.

Are you thinking of having hair transplant in Türkiye? Visit the Amantide website and find out all the details:

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