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Hairs on moles: can they be removed or is it better not to touch them?

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Mole hairs can be quite annoying, especially when the hair is thick and sorry: let's see if it's possible to remove them.

Hated by almost all people, mole hairs are one of the most fought-over blemishes in recent years. Generally they are not dangerous, but they must be kept under control periodically like all other types of moles. It is possible to remove the hair, both with a temporary treatment and permanently.

Hairs on moles: why are they born?

Why do hairs appear on moles? This is the most popular question among people who find themselves battling with what is almost seen as a double skin blemish. In essence, the hair is born on the mole as it happens with the normal epidermis. Therefore, if there is a mole above the hair follicle, the hair can safely grow through it. In some cases, the hairs may be darker and more importantly thicker than others on the skin. It is precisely for this reason that many feel a lot of embarrassment and try to hide a mole with hair in any way.

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Compared to the other moles, they are not dangerous, or rather they are potentially dangerous. As always, in fact, they must be checked periodically, perhaps even by mapping them. Generally, they become worrisome when they are indented and change color and shape.

Removing hair from moles: is it possible?

Removing hair from moles is possible, but the use of razors or waxing is strongly discouraged, especially DIY . Both, in fact, can lead to very dangerous cuts or irritations. The best thing is to use the classic tweezers , being careful to pull the hair out completely. Obviously, this treatment is not long-lasting and will have to be repeated based on regrowth, at least once a week.

If you want to solve the problem completely, you can resort to cosmetic surgery , which leaves no marks or scars. Last recommendation: whether they are hairy or not, moles should always be protected from direct sunlight.

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