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Halloween is in Hocus Pocus style with the exclusive palette created by ColourPop

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Ready to turn into the Sanderson sisters for one night and more? The Hocus Pocus makeup palette is terrifying and autumnal

Trick or treat? In this case we can well say dolcetto because the make-up palette that ColourPop has created to celebrate the great return of the Sanderson sisters of Hocus Pocus is the coolest thing the brand, famous for creating exclusive themed make-up, could give us. If you haven't already seen Hocus Pocus and the long-awaited sequel, which arrived after thirty years, it is worth stopping in Salem, the infamous city of witches, on Disney Plus, grabbing some inspiration for Halloween and making the most of your make-up. up in Hocus Pocus style using the magic palette .

Hocus Pocus: the ColourPop make-up palette, perfect for Halloween but also for autumn

Cinephiles and fashion victims will fall in love at first glance with this dedicated make-up capsule : ColourPop in fact took the beautiful colors that characterize the costumes and atmospheres of the film and enclosed them in a collection that includes eye shadows, lip glosses and mascara, the essentials enclosed in a wonderful packaging where the three sisters are portrayed in animated form.

The packaging is terrifying, bright and precious as well as the colors inside: a palette of very lively and cheerful shades that includes the Halloween theme colors purple, orange, black, fluorescent green, present in different shades and gradations so as to reserve this palette for us not only for the scariest party of the year but also for a make-up that is praise to autumn.

There is of course a cascade of glitter in different colors, basic for a Halloween party look or simply to indulge in a more daring make-up even in a simple evening to spend in company or with your sweetheart. And ColourPop leaves nothing to chance by also suggesting a truly cutie accessory: a headband with plush and glittery cat ears, fashion and phantasmagoric to complete even last minute looks.

How much does the Hocus Pocus beauty capsule cost and where to buy it

The make up capsule dedicated to Hocus Pocus 2 can be purchased on the ColourPop official website which delivers all over the world. You can choose to buy single products or for the real passionate the whole make up collection which is offered in two formulas: the full collection costing about 100 euros and the pr collection which costs a little more and includes more accessories.

The individual products, on the other hand, start from 10 euros upwards, while the individual palettes that are the most popular are available in two types: the witching hour with bright but pastel colors and certainly more prêt-à-porter at a cost of around 23 euros, while the more "hallowenesque" one, with bright, intense and glittery colors, the middle witch has a slightly higher cost. The choice and the spell is up to you!

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