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Hand eczema: natural remedies and measures to avoid erythema

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Hand eczema can affect both adults and children and be acute or chronic: let's see what are the symptoms, causes and treatment.

A problem that can be both acute and chronic, hand eczema affects both adults and children. In addition to being annoying from a physical point of view, it can also create some problems on a psychological level. Let's find out the causes, symptoms and, above all, the natural remedies to keep erythema under control.

Hand eczema: causes and symptoms

Frequent skin disease, hand eczema is not contagious. It is a real reaction of the epidermis to internal or external factors, which manifests itself with blisters, scabs, peeling, itching, redness and dryness. The problem can be acute or chronic, as well as light or intense. Not all people therefore experience the same form of hand dermatitis. The most common types are: atopic eczema, contact dermatitis, discoid eczema, seborrheic dermatitis and dyshidrosic eczema. The causes are different, but environmental and genetic factors seem to play an important role.

Hand erythema usually affects the palms and the area between the fingers. In addition to being an annoying issue, it can also be embarrassing . The hands , in fact, appear neglected and being one of the first business cards of people it is normal to feel a little discomfort in relating with others, especially when it comes to strangers.

How to cure eczema?

Hand dermatitis provides a different treatment based on the triggering cause. Therefore, it is advisable to seek the advice of the dermatologist before starting a therapy, whether it is based on cortisone ointments, antibiotics or antihistamines. However, there are some attitudes that need to be fixed in mind. First of all, it is recommended to use hypoallergenic and dermatologically tested emollient creams. Therefore, always check the INCI before purchasing. Faced with a recurring problem, it is necessary to undergo allergy tests, in order to discover the substance that causes skin irritation.

Also, always remember to wash your hands with warm water, never too cold or hot, with a neutral soap, which is not aggressive towards the skin. Always keep your hands well hydrated, perhaps using aloe vera gel or pure shea butter . A trick? In the evening before going to sleep, use the remedies mentioned in abundance and cover your hands with cotton gloves, leaving on all night.

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