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Handbook of how fuchsia is combined, a shocking color that electrifies our looks

Fuchsia jacket and colored scarf

Celebrated by Valentino, fuchsia is now a must-have nuance in the ideal wardrobe. Let's find out how to combine this electrifying color

You need energy, liveliness, lightness to experience and experience fashion, as well as to dive into life. It must be this urgency that inspired Pierpaolo Piccioli, designer and creative stylist of Maison Valentino, who after red selected another color destined to write a new page for Valentino: fuchsia. A vibrant nuance that has regained its strength and importance over time, so even those who have always preferred to avoid it given the complexity of combining it, must now give in and give this color a second chance. And you will discover that by relying on precise nuances, after having combined it once it will be incredibly natural to wear it.

How to combine fuchsia in winter: earthy and glam colors

For those who have never worn this color, the winter season can prove to be the perfect testing ground for experimenting, starting with dark and earthy colors that will give us that glam effect, bold but not too bold to familiarize yourself with fuchsia.

Fuchsia dress

The same fuchsia that is worn in winter is decidedly darker in shade and for those who have never worn this color, now is the right time to try it, experiment with it and start seeing it. The most comfortable combination is undoubtedly the one that relies on glam colors such as black, blue and dark green, basic colors such as cream white give this shock color a sweet sophistication: once you have familiarized yourself with this color you can also embrace the idea of ​​experimenting with white, which by its nature amplifies.

Fuchsia and green look

Even earthy colors can meet with fuchsia, creating mixes and matches with a natural appeal: brown, peach, orange, allow us to focus on an even more lively look even in winter and on which to focus on events or important and special appointments. A touch of lightness and joy definitely revolutionizes the noir trend of winter looks and fuchsia can prove to be a winning nuance to make an outfit vibrant, that's why don't underestimate the power of accessories.

Mini bags

How to combine it in summer: lilac, pink or total look

The perspective and emotion that fuchsia transmits to us in the summer is decidedly different: it makes us think of dancing evenings by the sea, ceremonies, the irrepressible desire to discover new places, venture into new journeys. It is a lightness that has a different flavor and that can be expressed by combining fuchsia with pastel colors such as lilac or pink, creating a very sweet contrast perfect for welcoming spring.

Fuchsia and pink look

The boldest and strongest combination, certainly recommended to those who have been wearing fuchsia for some time, proving to be true addicts, is the total look launched by Valentino, whether it's a dress or a complete jacket, shirt and trousers. A look so decisive that it can also include fuchsia accessories. Minimal jewels in gold or bags in red, green or yellow, however, create a decidedly cool detachment.

Fuchsia suit

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