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Hard-boiled eggs: are you sure you know how to make them perfectly?

hard-boiled eggs

How to make perfect hard boiled eggs? It is essential to respect the right cooking times and know some tricks. Here's the recipe!

True, preparing boiled eggs is really simple, but not everyone always gets an unforgettable result. Do you know that there are tricks for making perfect hard boiled eggs? To prevent the eggs from breaking during cooking, it is preferable to cook them starting from cold water. Cooking eggs by dipping them directly into boiling water could cause the shell to break. Alternatively, you can wrap the raw eggs in kitchen paper so that the eggs do not touch each other during cooking.

It is also very important to respect the right cooking time: the hard-boiled egg should be cooked for 8-9 minutes after boiling. If you cook the eggs for 6 minutes after boiling you will obtain poached eggs, characterized by a softer yolk while in 7 minutes you will have asoft-boiled egg . Cooking for up to 10 minutes , however, can cause a change in the color of the yolk which could go from yellow to greenish.

Hard-boiled eggs are a perfect second course for when you have little time or ideas. Here are all the steps to prepare them correctly!

hard-boiled eggs
hard-boiled eggs

Preparation of the boiled egg

  1. First, place the eggs in a large pan, cover completely with cold water and place on the heat. You can also add a pinch of salt and a spoonful of vinegar to prevent cracks from forming.
  2. Once it comes to the boil, lower the heat slightly and continue cooking for 8-9 minutes if you want a well-cooked yolk, or around 7 minutes for a slightly more liquid red.
  3. Once the necessary cooking time for the hard-boiled eggs has elapsed, turn off the heat and immediately pass them under running cold water to cool them thoroughly.
  4. Start shelling the eggs, taking care to remove all shell residue.

Cook the hard boiled egg with boiling water

Eggs immersed in boiling water
Eggs immersed in boiling water

Although it is more suitable to start with cold water, you can also cook boiled eggs by immersing them in boiling water.

  1. To do this, boil the water in a saucepan, when it reaches the temperature, lower the heat and immerse the egg using a spoon so that it does not break.
  2. At this point, how long should the hard-boiled egg cook? About 9/10 minutes , then you can proceed with the instructions above to stop cooking immediately and make removing the shell easier.

If you love this ingredient , find out how to cook eggs : stuffed, poached, scrambled… in our in-depth analysis we show you how to do them all!

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Primo Chef's advice

– The first tip for an extraordinary result is to start with very fresh eggs. When the recipe is as simple as in this case, the quality of the ingredients plays a fundamental role in the success of a dish.

– Use eggs that are not too cold but at room temperature, therefore remove the eggs from the fridge for 5-10 minutes before cooking.

– We advise you to stop cooking immediately to prevent the egg yolk from becoming greyish and above all to make it easier to remove the shell once cooked. Then pass them under cold running water for a few seconds.

– As we also suggested, you can add some vinegar (a teaspoon) or salt (a pinch) to the water to make removing the shell easier and avoid the formation of cracks during cooking. The shell of eggs is very porous , however, so use these ingredients sparingly to prevent the eggs from absorbing the flavor.

How to peel a hard-boiled egg

shell a hard-boiled egg
shell a hard-boiled egg

It may have happened that you are unable to completely remove the shell of the egg or that you ruin a large part of the egg white . To avoid these small accidents, we can give you some little advice.

– Do not omit the passage under cold water after cooking , the thermal shock, in fact, in addition to blocking cooking, will favor the removal of the shell.

– Take your completely cold boiled egg and tap the two ends on the work surface. One of the two has an air bubble and once you have identified it it will be very easy to remove the entire shell following the natural skin of the food.

The teaspoon test . After the eggs are cold, remove a small piece of shell from one of the two ends. Insert the tip of the teaspoon between the shell and the egg and turn so as to detach the coating more easily and without ruining the egg white.

– Roll the hard-boiled eggs on a work surface, pressing with the palm of your hand, and then peel them delicately with your fingers.


Hard-boiled eggs are very delicate : if possible, consume them immediately after preparation. Otherwise, be careful to always store them in the refrigerator for a maximum of 5 days .

If you are in doubt or notice a change in color or smell, it is better not to risk it: throw them away immediately.

How to eat boiled eggs: recipes

Stuffed deviled eggs
Stuffed deviled eggs

Once cooked, cut the eggs in half, place them on a plate and season with a drizzle of oil and a pinch of salt . Serve immediately with a side dish of your choice. They are so good that even "natural" they will make your taste buds dance! However, if you want something more elaborate, we leave you some recipes to try.

First of all, you can't help but prepare stuffed eggs (even in the deviled , spicy version). Cut the eggs in half, keeping the whites as intact as possible as they will be our shells . Mash with a fork and add tuna, parsley and a little mayonnaise if necessary. Stuff and enjoy!

Boiled eggs, then, are a must in Russian salad : follow our doses and you will have a perfect appetizer !

Alternatively, why not use them for a wonderful Neapolitan-style baked pasta ? Eggs are one of the – many – ingredients of this dish.

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