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Have you ever tried pine nut sauce?

pine nut sauce

Pine nut sauce is a typical Ligurian recipe that is little known outside the regional borders. Let's see how to prepare it with the classic recipe.

There is a typical Genoese recipe that very few know. It is the pine nut sauce, also known as sarsa de pigneau in the local dialect. It is a recipe from Ligurian cuisine that is excellent for seasoning pasta and prepared roughly like walnut pesto.

Here, however, the walnuts are replaced by pine nuts, a valuable ingredient that is already used in the preparation of pesto. Basically you will have to blend, or better still crush , the pine nuts together with garlic, breadcrumbs soaked and squeezed in milk, marjoram, Parmesan and prescinseua, a typical Ligurian cheese. Curious to find out how this typical product is prepared?

pine nut sauce
pine nut sauce

How to prepare the pine nut sauce recipe

  1. First, soak the bread in milk.
  2. Then pound the garlic and pine nuts in a mortar or blend in a food processor until you get a paste. Then add the marjoram leaves, the squeezed bread, the grated Parmesan and the prescinseua which you can replace in this recipe with cream.
  3. Working everything with the mortar, or blending, pour the oil slowly until you get the characteristic consistency of the pesto, then add salt. You can then adjust it further by adding some pasta cooking water.

We have already mentioned in the introduction another typical Ligurian sauce, pesto . Are you sure you know exactly how to prepare it?


The pine nut sauce can be kept in the refrigerator for a few days but it is also possible to freeze it, already portioned, up to 3 months .

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