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Heavy legs: how to find relief

leg discomfort

Heavy legs are a very common problem, which tends to worsen with the arrival of heat or at particular moments in life.

As for women, for example, heaviness and swelling can become worse during pregnancy and before the start of menstruation.

The causes behind swelling and heaviness in the legs are numerous and can include water retention, varicose veins, peripheral arterial disease and so on. Where the problem does not resolve itself or with a few small measures, or tends to recur with a certain frequency, it would be advisable to consult your doctor in order to identify the triggering cause and intervene through targeted therapy. It is in fact important to remember that heaviness and swelling in the lower limbs can indicate the presence of even serious pathologies such as heart or kidney failure, deep vein thrombosis, liver cirrhosis.

In this article we will focus attention on the remedies that allow you to find relief and reduce fatigue and swelling in the legs when these are not caused by pathologies that require medical intervention.

leg discomfort

Heavy legs: supplements and immediate remedies

Very often, swelling in the legs and a sense of heaviness are due to water retention and microcirculation problems. In these cases, to find immediate relief, it is possible to resort to some small strategies aimed at promoting blood circulation and the elimination of excess fluids. These include:

  • keep your legs slightly raised when lying down, for example using a pillow;
  • make compresses with cold water or use the hand shower and direct the jet of cold water directly onto the legs, from bottom to top;
  • massage creams and gels containing substances, including natural ones, capable of promoting microcirculation and the drainage of liquids , such as gotu kola, green tea and ginko.

To improve drainage and combat heavy legs, you can also use an anti-cellulite drainer such as Drena+ by Snella , containing hibiscus, chicory, dandelion, green coffee and other active ingredients useful for reactivating the metabolism and combating swelling and heaviness.

Drink plenty of water and consume the right foods

Water is one of the main allies of those who suffer from heaviness and swelling in the legs , especially caused by water retention. To reduce the problem, drink at least 1 and a half liters of water a day , avoiding sugary or carbonated drinks, alcohol and coffee.

Fruit and vegetables , especially if they contain potassium , can also help fight the problem. Green light in particular for bananas, tomatoes and artichokes.

Instead, pay attention to salt , which increases fluid retention, carbohydrates and refined sugars . To avoid having to give up carbohydrates – fundamental for a healthy and balanced diet – it is possible to bring legumes and whole grains to the table.

The importance of physical activity

A sedentary lifestyle favors the onset of lower limb problems. To combat heaviness and swelling, it is essential to carry out constant physical activity. Those who don't have the time or desire to go to the gym or practice some sport can stimulate the microcirculation through brisk walks , as well as walking up the stairs or going to work by bicycle rather than by car.

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