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Heel pain: what it depends on and what to do when it occurs

heel pain

Heel pain is a fairly common problem and can have many causes. Let’s find out the most important ones and how to act when they arise.

Feeling pain in the heel is never pleasant, especially when you spend a lot of time on your feet or exercise frequently. This problem can manifest itself both on one side and on both sides and has different causes. Stronger in the morning due to idle hours, it tends to improve during the day. Nevertheless, it is a situation that should never be underestimated and that requires certain attention .

Heel pain: the most common causes and symptoms to recognize

Heel pain can present itself in different ways and that is in the form of pain under the heel, as pain in the left or right heel and as heel pain.

heel pain
heel pain

In any case, the main cause is inflammation of the plantar fascia which can affect the area in different places. When this pain occurs, it can be referred to as heelitis , the general term used to refer to heel inflammation. Going to the symptoms, then, these are mainly pain, a sense of throbbing in the area that hurts and the perception of the area that is pulling when moving.

Heel pain: what to do to relieve it

When pain occurs behind the heel or elsewhere, the first thing to do is to rest the foot. In some cases, stretching and ice applications may be helpful.
However, it is very important to try to keep the problem monitored. If, despite the rest, it tends to continue, it is advisable to contact your doctor.

In some cases, special orthotics may be needed to correct the position one assumes when standing. In others, however, in-depth investigations may prove useful. Especially if in addition to the pain there are other symptoms such as stiffness and swelling, tingling or a feeling of numbness .
By acting in the right way you will avoid unpleasant complications and you will be able to get back to moving as usual in a short time and without feeling any harm.

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