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Hematoma ointment: which is the most effective product?

hematoma bubble cream

Hematoma ointment is necessary if you want to reduce the size of the bruise in the shortest possible time: which one to choose?

When is the use of a hematoma ointment recommended? If you have bruises or bruises. It should be applied three times a day and it must be perfectly absorbed by the skin. Let's see which gels are the most effective and what to pay attention to when a problem of this type arises.

Hematoma ointment: which one to choose

Hematomas are nothing more than the body's reaction to rather violent trauma or bruises. The blood escapes from the bloodstream and 'thickens' in the area that was affected. It should be noted right away that this is not a worrying problem. In most cases it is a purely aesthetic disorder, although it can cause some pain to the touch.

Fortunately, there is hematoma ointment that speeds up the healing process. This drug helps in the resorption of the bruise and relieves the discomfort a little. The first over-the-counter product that you can buy at a pharmacy without a prescription is Fastum Emazero . With herbal ingredients such as horse chestnut, menthol, boswellia and bromelain, it gives immediate relief.

Alternatively, another very effective bruising cream is Ematonil Plus . This medicine also does not require a prescription and can be freely purchased at the pharmacy. Compared to the previous product, this gel is also useful when you have the feeling of having heavy legs. Among the ingredients it boasts menthol, arnica and bromelain.

Bruising ointment: remember to massage until completely absorbed

Another very effective bruising cream is Reparil Gel , with a deflating, pain relieving and anti-inflammatory action. With salicylic acid and aescin, beware of contraindications. Compared to other gels for hematomas , it should never be used during pregnancy and in the presence of allergies to one or more components. Whichever product you choose, remember to massage it well on the affected part, with circular movements. The cream must be completely absorbed into the skin and applied 3 times a day.

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