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Hemorrhoids and nutrition: everything that is important to know

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Find out everything there is to know about hemorrhoids and nutrition. Recommended foods and those that are best avoided.

Hemorrhoids and nutrition are closely related. Especially when the problem is real and what you eat can affect inflammation worsening.
So let’s find out which foods to prefer and which ones to avoid. All this for a hemorrhoid diet that can alleviate the problem and, above all, not aggravate it.

What to eat with hemorrhoids

When suffering from hemorrhoids, what to eat is very important.

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Proper nutrition for hemorrhoids can in fact help you feel a sense of relief from inflammation, improving the general condition.
It is therefore important to increase the intake of fiber (at least 30 g per day) both from whole grains and from vegetables and, of course, it is essential to take care of hydration by drinking plenty of water.

In this way the stools will become softer and will avoid inflaming the part more during the evacuation. To ensure that the situation does not worsen and that the treatments prescribed by the doctor take effect, it is even more important to understand which food to avoid with hemorrhoids.

What not to eat with hemorrhoids

When you suffer from hemorrhoids, there are several foods to avoid.
First of all, obviously all spicy or spicy foods must be eliminated.
Aged cheeses, sausages, legumes, crustaceans and chocolate should then be reduced as much as possible. Going to drinks, it is important not to consume alcohol and hard alcohol. And those containing caffeine should at least be reduced. Coffee, tea, cola (and carbonated and sugary drinks in general) should therefore be consumed in extreme moderation.

By acting in this way and trying to improve your lifestyle , you will avoid worsening the ongoing hemorrhoids and you can hope to speed up the healing time.
To do this, it is also important to follow some fundamental rules, such as not sitting on the toilet for too long, not sitting on the sofa for too many hours and taking care of intimate hygiene.
Obviously, in case of hemorrhoids it is very important to contact your doctor in order to get the right treatment as soon as possible.

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