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Herpes Zoster: what it is, symptoms and how to treat it


Herpes zoster, also known as shingles is a disease that can appear at any time. Let's find out the symptoms and treatments.

When we talk about Herpes Zoster we mean the disease more commonly known as shingles. The virus that also causes chickenpox is responsible. Typically, this disease tends to occur on 10% of people who have had the latter. For this reason it is considered as a repeat offender.
In any case, it is a disease that can be annoying but that is easily treated. So here's everything you need to know about it.

What are the causes of Herpes Zoster

This disease is caused by the fact that the chickenpox virus remains inactive but is always present in the nerve tissue. It is generally kept at bay by the immune system which under normal conditions is able to produce the antibodies necessary to keep the disease at bay.


In case of compromise of the same, however, when the immune defenses collapse, this can reappear. This can happen in different situations among which the best known are:

– Periods of strong psychophysical stress
– Taking medicines
– Chemotherapy
– Third Age
– Low immune system
– Diseases that severely weaken the immune system

Generally, therefore, keeping the immune system high is a good way to avoid contracting the disease or having another recurrence .
It is also helpful to know that the disease is not contagious unless the other person has ever had or been vaccinated against chickenpox.

Symptoms of Herpes Zoster

As already mentioned, Herpes Zoster can lead to annoying and easily recognizable symptoms. They are almost always associated with the presence of vesicles that resemble those of Chickenpox and which can appear on different areas of the body . The shape is usually elongated and erythematous.
To all this are added:

– Itching
– Burning pain
– Skin injuries
– Heachache
– Fever
– Chills
– Exhaustion
– Stomach ache

Generally, a simple visit to the treating doctor is enough to be able to recognize it. Its characteristics make it easily identifiable. Added to this are laboratory tests such as the search for IgM antibodies linked to the presence of the varicella virus. Once the disease is recognized, the doctor will establish the most suitable treatment.

How to cure Herpes Zoster

Herpes Zoster is a disease that heals spontaneously. Because of the annoying symptoms and the pain it can cause, it often requires the help of some local treatments and more.
Among these are antivirals , aluminum chloride-based gels and common over-the-counter drugs.

In some cases, however, it may happen that the latter do not work. In very rare cases, in fact, Herpes Zoster can affect the nerves leading to pain that can last even months or which, in even rarer cases, may never disappear.

Obviously it is not necessary to be alarmed, however, since as already mentioned these are very rare cases. And all within a disease that is more common than you think.

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