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High braid: the simplest technique for making a French braid

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How is the high braid done? Perfect hairstyle for any occasion, making it is not difficult, as long as you choose the right technique.

Perfect for any occasion, the high braid can be made by anyone, as long as you have long or medium hair. Aren't you a test tube hairdresser ? No problem, with a little patience and a little practice you can get a surprising result. Let's see how the high braid is done and take a look at the soft shot braid too.

High braid: how is it done?

How to do the high braid? Even if you are not skilled hairdresser you can make it following a simple technique . First of all, it should be noted that a hairstyle of this type needs at least a medium length. If you have short hair, to avoid wasting time unnecessarily, change your hairstyle. On the other hand, those who have long hair start off at an advantage. Also called French braid , it is made starting from the hairline, possibly on unclean hair. Equip yourself with a brush, rubber bands, wide-toothed comb and hairspray or fixing spray.

When you have everything you need close at hand, moisten the hair along the entire length and then comb carefully strand by strand, from root to tip. Doing so will eliminate any nodes. At this point, choose a rather thick lock and another one that is slightly smaller in size. Taking the first strand from the base, intertwine it with the second and, finally, with the rest of the hair. As you proceed with the weave, remember that the thickest strand must remain central and act as a 'puller' for the rest of the hair. When you reach the end, all you have to do is close the 'work' with the elastic and spray a good dose of hairspray.

Soft shot braid: how to do it?

After seeing how to make the braid that starts from the forehead, let's take a look at the simplest technique for the so-called soft recovery. Generally, the French hairstyle is flawless, without a hair out of place. The situation is different for the 'mode' taken. You can safely follow the steps listed above, but you don't have to pay attention to the centrality of the most consistent lock and not even to the hair that runs away from control. The revived braid is more naive and wild, perfect for novice hairdressers.

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