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Hip pain: coxalgia can also affect young sportsmen

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What does hip pain depend on? Let's see what are the causes, symptoms and the most effective and decisive treatment.

Hip pain can be caused by many factors. At the first manifestation of discomfort, therefore, it is recommended to consult your doctor who, based on the symptoms , will be able to recommend a specialist visit or the most appropriate treatment. Anyway, let's see what are the causes , the most common ailments and the cure.

Hip pain: causes and symptoms

In technical jargon called coxalgia , hip pain can have several underlying causes. Therefore, before establishing the right cure, it is necessary to identify the factor that triggered the disorder. In most cases, hip problems are related to: trauma, hip fractures, chronic injuries and coxarthrosis. When the pains appear suddenly, however, they can be caused by inflammatory arthritis or by infections of one or more components of the joint.

Coxalgia involves the hip and can occur on the right or left limb or on both, with pain that also extends to the groin. Sometimes, the discomfort extends to the buttock or knee, creating walking problems.

The first alarm bell, which is recommended not to be underestimated, is the pain in the right hip and buttock or in the opposite joint that you feel when you sit down or get up from a chair. Sometimes, the discomfort can also appear at night.

Hip and groin pain: what to do?

When you feel pain in the right hip or pain in the left hip, it is recommended that you notify your doctor immediately. In fact, the initial discomfort often indicates coxarthrosis , which is a degenerative disease typical of the elderly and of sportsmen. After having ascertained the causes that led to the development of the problem, the specialist will recommend the most appropriate treatment . In any case, in the face of pain in the femur or hip, it is recommended not to gain weight. Doing so will not strain the joints.

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