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Homemade fig and walnut jam, excellent for cakes and cheeses

fig and walnut jam

The fig and walnut jam is an easy recipe to prepare in summer and excellent to be enjoyed with tasty cheeses or to fill biscuits and tarts.

We have now learned that there are some jams that can be consumed not only as a dessert , perhaps to fill pies or spread on bread, but also in combination with cheeses . Fig and walnut jam is one of them. Its sweet taste combined with the crunchy note given by dried fruit is something truly incredible that we absolutely recommend you try.

Preparing fig and walnut jam is really simple and the aspect that perhaps takes a little more time is cleaning the figs . However, we can guarantee that at the first taste you will understand that it was really worth it. We sometimes flavor it with cinnamon, making this sweet recipe more suitable for pies and cookies.

fig and walnut jam
fig and walnut jam

How to prepare the recipe for fig and walnut jam

  1. First, carefully clean the figs by removing all the peel. Weigh them and add 1/3 of their weight in sugar (for example, if you have 1 kg of clean figs, add about 330 g of sugar).
  2. Combine the two ingredients in a sufficiently large pot, add a glass of water and cook until the fruit has become a puree . Usually it is not necessary to blend this jam. The important thing is to mix often to prevent it from sticking to the bottom.
  3. Once ready, add the chopped walnuts with a knife and distribute while it is still boiling in the sterilized glass jars . Close with a new cap and turn over to form the vacuum.

To prepare the fig, walnut and cinnamon jam, add a couple of teaspoons of cinnamon together with the walnuts and mix well so that the flavor is distributed. If you love the combination of jams and cheeses, we suggest you also try the pear jam .


The fig and walnut jam can be stored in the pantry for one year . Once opened, however, it should be placed in the refrigerator and consumed within a week.

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