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Homemade ginger biscuits: the recipe for delicious and fragrant biscuits

Ginger biscuits

Gingerbread cookies are fragrant, delicious and really easy to make. Here is the very fragrant recipe to be made in very few steps!

Ginger biscuits are delicious all year round, but they are especially indicated for waiting for the Holidays , perhaps together with the little ones of the house, or even to be able to have something good and themed to offer to those who will come to visit you to bring you gifts , greetings or a hug.

Preparing these biscuits, which you can then give the shape you want (star, tree and many others) is really easy: the essential ingredients are few, but the taste you get will be truly something sensational . And, what's more, once ready you can also hang them on your tree, to give an extra touch to the Christmas decorations in your home!

You are ready? Then follow us to the kitchen!

Ginger biscuits
Ginger biscuits

How to make gingerbread cookies

  1. Let's start preparing now! Take a large bowl and add the sugar to the flour. At this point add the ginger. We used a finely grated fresh one, but if you want to make this recipe easier you can also use the powdered one – in this case, a level teaspoon should be enough to give the biscuits a fresh and pungent aroma.
  2. At this point add the butter at room temperature, an egg and some lemon zest. Work everything until you have obtained a rather homogeneous mixture, then transfer everything onto a floured work surface and work it again with your hands for a few minutes.
  3. When you have obtained a ball, wrap it in a sheet of transparent film and let it rest in the fridge for about 20 minutes.
  4. So take the dough, roll it out and make the shapes you like best, then place them on a lined baking tray and cook in a preheated oven at a temperature of 180°C for about twenty minutes. The biscuits are ready : enjoy your meal everyone!

For a delicious and even more aromatic and particular variant, you can try preparing ginger and cinnamon biscuits: in this case, all you have to do is add half a teaspoon of cinnamon to the dough, and the game is done. Also try our delicious cinnamon biscuits !


We recommend keeping the biscuits with fresh ginger in a cool, dry place, inside a special container with a lid, for a maximum of 5-6 days .

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