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Hotel Room Furnishings: what cannot be missing

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A hotel room is undoubtedly a part of a trip, be it for pleasure or business, that travelers will remember from their stay.

To ensure that this memory is pleasant and encourages travelers to return to the structure, it is essential to carefully choose the furniture and accessories to use .

It is not just a matter of choosing a comfortable bed or a spacious wardrobe, but of focusing on all those details that can make the experience the most comfortable and enjoyable for the guest. Here, therefore, that even the choice of linen and accessories play a role of primary importance in presenting the room in the best possible way and making sure that the guest really feels as if he were at home.

hotel doorbell

How to furnish a hotel room?

Relying on companies engaged in the sale of furniture and accessories for hotels can be the ideal solution, because they are able to offer customers a wide catalog of hotel supplies ideal for furnishing the rooms of an accommodation facility with taste and functionality. In addition to the beds, the highlights include hotel linen and accessories, such as minibars, luggage racks or room ironing boards.

Beds for hotels

While it is not the only factor to focus on when designing hotel room furniture, the bed is undoubtedly one of the most relevant. A comfortable bed allows the traveler to rest after a day spent visiting places and monuments or after working hours on the road, which is why it is essential that the structure, mattress and pillows are of excellent workmanship and quality.

In addition to the structures, the networks and the mattresses for the traditional single, double and single and a half beds, it is also important to focus on the needs of the little ones with fixed and folding baby cots. For those who are more oriented to the design of the bedroom and in particular of the bed, it is also possible to choose headboards and sommiers to give a sober but elegant touch to any bed structure.

Linen for hotels

If on the one hand the bed structure with the sommier and the headboard has its own importance, the linen is equally important. When we talk about hotels we refer both to bed linen, such as sheets, pillow cases, blankets and duvet covers, and to bathroom linen , therefore towels, placemats and bathrobes.

In fact, even the bathroom is a space where the guest has the opportunity to relax and surely finding soft and fragrant linen waiting for him will be a unique pleasure. Beyond the classic colors such as white and soft shades, it is also possible to opt for bright colors able to adapt to any type of furniture already present.

Accessories for Rooms

Last, but certainly not least, are the accessories , hotel supplies specially designed to make a room even more comfortable. Among these it is necessary to mention, for example, the coat hangers or the valet stand, to hang the clothes that you brought with you in the suitcase, or the steel suitcase holders that allow you to keep the suitcase off the ground and therefore to unpack and redo it more easily when you arrive at the hotel and when you leave.

If these accessories are found in practically any hotel, kettles, safes and mini-bars are usually part of the hotel supplies for 5-star hotels , which boast this classification also thanks to the furnishings, as well as the services.

The important thing, when furnishing the rooms of a hotel, is to remember that the customer must always feel as if he were at home !

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