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How are selenium and the thyroid related? Here’s what you need to know


Even if not everyone knows it, selenium and thyroid are somehow connected. Let's find out how and what to do in case of shortages.

When we talk about selenium and the thyroid we are referring to the relationship between the two. A lack of selenium can in fact lead to serious disturbances to this gland which, we must remember, is very important for the correct functioning of the organism. Recent studies have shown that a selenium deficiency can actually contribute to or not improve autoimmune thyroiditis. At the same time there is a correlation between selenium and hyperthyroidism which, after supplementation, can return much more easily.

Why selenium is so important for the thyroid

The thyroid is the one that contains the most selenium of all organs.


This occurs through proteins called " selenoproteins " which, among other things, are essential for the production of some thyroid hormones.

It follows, therefore, that a lack of selenium can lead the thyroid to get tired and not work as well as it should. For this reason, doctors tend to consider this aspect more and more often in order to better treat the thyroid and the diseases connected to it.

Selenium as a thyroid supplement

Although selenium is a mineral that can be obtained from the diet, there are more and more cases of people with this important deficiency. This can depend on various reasons, among which there is also an incorrect diet.

To solve a thyroid problem (or more simply a selenium deficiency), the first step to take is therefore to integrate selenium through food . To do this, just include whole grains, fish, eggs, meat, dairy products and some vegetables such as broccoli, carrots, potatoes and tomatoes in your daily diet.

Basically, therefore, a correct diet should already be more than enough to bring selenium levels back to normal. Otherwise there are also supplements that can also be taken in case of thyroid problems and which obviously should always and only be taken on prescription from the doctor.

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