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How do the sizes of Mango fit? Here are the tips to follow

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Mango is a famous Spanish brand: but how do the sizes we find in its stores fit?

The Mango brand is highly appreciated by women as it is able to undoubtedly combine beautiful and quality garments at very competitive prices. But how to buy your perfect Mango garment? Obviously we must refer to the Spanish system of sizes and make the appropriate equivalences to avoid nasty surprises. We try to understand how to do it, thus avoiding purchases that could turn out to be wrong, especially if we decide to buy online. In general, Mango sizes dress larger, which is why you shouldn't take anything for granted: since the reference is to breast, waist, hips and waist measurements, arm yourself with a measuring tape to know your measurements and everything will be easier.

Mango how sizes fit: sweaters, shirts and tops

As for the normal upper part of the body and therefore to wear t-shirts, blouses, tops, it must be remembered that size XXS corresponds to a breast size equal to 80 and a waist size equal to 60. An XS corresponds to a breast size of 82 and a waist size of 62, an S for a waist size of 66 and a bust of 86. An M corresponds, on the other hand, to a breast size of 92 and a waist size of 72. An L to a waist size of 78 and at a breast size of 98. In short, if you know your measurements it will be so very easy to choose the right garment.

clothes sizes
clothes sizes

Mango as dress sizes of skirts and pants

As for skirts and trousers, the prospect to keep in mind is the following. An XS corresponds to a waist size of 62 at a hip measurement of 90 while an S requires a waist size of 66 and a hip size of 94. The M assumes a waist size of 72 and hips 100. The L instead requires 78 of waist and 106 of hips.

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