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How many calories do walnuts have? Here is the answer


Walnuts are a food rich in beneficial properties, but how many calories do they really have? Let's find out.

Those who are on a diet and usually eat dried fruit will have found themselves at least once wondering how many calories nuts have. It is in fact a type of food which, despite being rich in beneficial properties such as to make them suitable even for those on a diet, still have different calories. A fact that is important to know in order not to exaggerate with the quantities and to be able to enjoy them in complete tranquility .

Walnuts: calories and nutritional values

Let's start by saying that walnuts are divided into fresh (rarer) and dried. The former are those that are harvested slightly in advance and that have a green shell around the shell that we all know.


Wetter and more bitter, they are sold in supermarket refrigerated counters and have about 605 calories per 100 grams.

As for the calories of dried walnuts, these are instead around 670 per 100 grams and are those of the dried fruit that we all know or the walnuts that are found in the supermarket both in their shell and shelled and in the form of kernels.

The difference from a caloric point of view is therefore very minimal. For the rest, the beneficial properties and nutritional values ​​are the same, and they are both excellent to integrate into the diet .

How many calories does a walnut have?

Now that we know how many calories nuts have, it may be interesting to know this value in relation to just one of them. For each walnut, the calories are around 35 calories which can be 30 for fresh ones. Obviously the value changes from walnut to walnut as they do not always have the same weight.

What matters, however, is knowing that on average a nut provides this amount of calories which is mostly given by the good fats it contains. Not for nothing, just eat a few walnuts to fill up and feel satisfied. A result produced precisely by the presence of fats.

Furthermore, it is important to keep in mind that beyond the caloric quantity, if consumed in moderation , walnuts are particularly suitable for the diet. In fact, they help to appease hunger and lose weight.

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