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How many minutes of treadmill a day does it take to lose weight?

Tapis Roulant

We are in the time of year in which we all mention the good intentions of the new year and within the numerous lists we always find weight loss and weight loss.

In fact, due to work and hectic pace, not all people are able to go to the gym frequently and more and more individuals decide to go to the gym at home.

The treadmill is an excellent ally for those who intend to lose a few pounds and cannot go to the gym. It is a very common tool, present in most homes and sometimes it is submerged by other objects or placed in the cellar. Well, now is the time to brush up on the body’s best friend tool and find out how to use it correctly. To find out more about how to lose weight constantly you can find more information on .

Tapis Roulant

How to use the treadmill for weight loss

The treadmill is a very simple tool to use and can be purchased anywhere, online or in one of the many specialized shops located in the area. It represents one of the most effective gym tools for weight loss, also used in the gym before or after a training schedule.

Among the activities that allow us to burn so many calories we find walking and running, two exercises that allow you to start losing weight in a short time and can be done both outside and inside, right on a treadmill.

Walking and running activate the cardiocirculatory system, allow you to increase the heart rate and pump blood better, resulting in a consumption of energy and calories. All treadmills allow you to check the beats per minute and, the new generation ones, offer numerous features that make it possible to overcome new challenges and to constantly monitor your body.

For an individual who is not used to physical activity, using the treadmill can be difficult or unnecessary. Actually, you need to start in small steps, setting a normal speed and without any incline. As the body gets used to the type of exercise, it is possible to increase the speed and the degree of incline, so as to speed up the weight loss process.

How many minutes a day on the treadmill does it take to lose weight?

According to experts, to lose weight visibly, it is essential to perform at least 3 training sessions per week and include at least 30 minutes of treadmill in each session . The duration can be increased over time, up to 1 hour of brisk walking or running.

By being able to perform an intense workout, it is possible to activate the metabolism and burn excess fat. However, remember that to perform an intense workout it is necessary not to force the times and to reach the finish line gradually.

Training, together with a balanced diet , allows you to achieve constant and long-lasting weight loss goals. Those who cannot walk or run for more than 30 minutes can resort to innovative tools such as Vacufit , an alternative treadmill that allows them to achieve great success with just 30 minutes of exercise.

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