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How to adopt a natural skin care routine for healthy skin?


The skin is the largest organ of the human body, covering an average of 15% of the body weight of an adult.

Which makes sense as it is the body's protective layer.

And just as your protective layer protects you, you must in turn protect it to maintain and strengthen your health. The skin care industry is one of the most important markets in the beauty industry. In particular, it is natural skin care that has been attracting more and more interest in recent years. There are many reasons to use natural products instead of traditional ones, such as avoiding potentially harmful synthetic chemicals. CBD products have entered this market and the sale of CBD online has taken off, bringing skin benefits that have surprised many people.


The skin care routine

Before we get into the benefits of CBD oil, let us introduce the five pillars of skincare:

1. Clean

With all the environmental stresses your skin faces on a daily basis, cleansing the skin is the first step. Choose a gentle moisturizing cleanser that gently removes makeup and impurities, leaving skin feeling velvety smooth.

2. Tone up

A toner is a thin liquid that removes impurities left after using the cleanser. A toner also adds an extra layer of nutrients to freshly cleansed skin and helps balance natural oils and tighten pores.

3. Exfoliate

Our skin is constantly shedding dead cells – an average of 30,000 to 40,000 every minute! Exfoliation helps get rid of these dead skin cells before they can clog your pores and allows new skin to surface.

4. Moisturize

The human body is mostly composed of water. Water then feeds multiple organ systems, from our vascular system to our skin. Hydrating your skin helps tighten pores, minimize the effect of everyday problems, and help protect against dryness, discoloration, and inflammation.

5. Protect

Dermatologists, estheticians, and skincare enthusiasts all agree: Sunscreen is the most important skincare product you can have around the house. Even on cloudy days, the sun's UV rays can increase free radicals in the skin, leading to signs of aging, dryness, inflammation, and other more serious health problems. Sunscreen prevents fine lines and wrinkles, improves the longevity of skin texture, and prevents pores from closing.

Improve skin quality with CBD

Integrating CBD into your skincare routine will allow you to introduce that "secret ingredient" you've been missing. CBD oil, or cannabidiol, is a non-psychoactive chemical compound extracted from hemp plants and has many potential positive effects when it comes to skin care. In the case of some common conditions, using CBD oil can lead to a more tangible improvement of the situation:

  • Dry skin: CBD oil can soothe discomfort and restore moisture to the skin returning it to its natural state. Applying a little CBD product after cleansing and toning can help relieve dry skin.
  • Signs of Aging: If you notice finer lines around your eyes and mouth, try using a CBD oil in the morning and at bedtime after cleansing and toning. The natural antioxidants in CBD hemp oil can benefit skin vitality.
  • Sensitive skin: A CBD product might help reduce redness. Applying a small amount at night can help balance and hydrate sensitive skin.
  • Blemish-prone skin: A CBD serum or oil is much lighter than other moisturizers. This will allow you to maintain hydration without closing your pores.

Bottom line, whatever your skin type, CBD oil can be a beneficial addition to your skin care routine.

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