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How to choose the best whitening toothpaste

white teeth

Do you dream of whiter teeth? In fact, we all have among our desires in terms of aesthetics and image that of having a bright and dazzling smile, which strikes people at first glance and which can be a first impression or first presentation of ourselves.

Sometimes, however, some habits and lifestyles can damage the enamel of our teeth : smoking, coffee, alcoholic beverages, tea; but not only. In fact, even the regular consumption of healthy and nutritious foods, such as some types of fruit and especially cooked vegetables, especially green leafy ones, can affect the color of our teeth, create dark spots or in any case worsen the whiteness of the teeth. In addition to paying attention to nutrition and lifestyle, there are other home tricks that can be observed to get teeth whitening at home . First of all, it is obviously very important to always maintain correct dental hygiene that scrupulously follows all the necessary steps: first wash with toothpaste and a toothbrush, brushing for a long time and slowly (for at least three minutes), then always use mouthwash once a day and clean the interstices with the use of dental floss. In addition to this, however, it is also possible and recommended to rely on specific products for teeth whitening, which can greatly help in reducing the stains already present.

All the secrets of teeth whitening

Among the various products that can be used at home to whiten tooth enamel, the first to have in the drawer is undoubtedly the right toothpaste. There are so many possibilities on the market in terms of the best whitening toothpaste , and the best thing to do is therefore to start looking carefully at the various products available, choosing which one is right for you in terms of budget and results. get. The whitening toothpaste will give you excellent results after just a few uses, in the comfort of your home and without the need to go to the dentist.

white teeth
white teeth

You may ask yourself: How does whitening toothpaste work? Its main task is to remove pigmentation caused by coffee, tea and food from the surface of the enamel . This restores a naturally white shade to the teeth. Whitening toothpastes work on two principles: physical and chemical. In the first case, the toothpaste contains a large amount of abrasive components, i.e. small particles that mechanically smooth tooth enamel. Chemical-based whitening toothpastes contain peroxide, which removes pigmented stains from the tooth structure itself. One very popular type on the market is whitening black toothpaste , which is great for whitening teeth naturally. The success of the last few years of its active ingredient, the so-called charcoal toothpaste, guarantees satisfactory results. It owes its color to the content of activated charcoal, which gently and naturally removes plaque and stains from your teeth.

And how long does it take to whiten teeth at home?

Of course, not even the best whitening toothpaste can guarantee the same results as having your teeth whitened by a specialist. The result always depends on the whitening toothpaste, its composition and the whitening effect. In any case, if you want to lighten your teeth a shade or two, then whitening toothpaste is ideal for you. The results will be seen in a few weeks or a few months , and the difference from the starting point will be really visible after regular and constant use.

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