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How to choose the most appropriate deodorant for summer 2023?


The heat and higher temperatures fuel the sweating process which causes some undesirable, unpleasant and, very often, even embarrassing effects.

For this reason, the consumption of deodorants increases with the summer season and the arrival of the sunniest days of the whole year. The glands responsible for the phenomenon produce a particular malodorous secretion composed of sugars, water and proteins.

Bad smells are the unwanted result of the degradation processes triggered by bacteria which decompose the fatty substances and produce, in exchange, odorous molecules. An appropriate deodorant must counteract this mechanism, reduce microbial proliferation and preserve the skin.

Products that contain too much alcohol and perfume block the correct transpiration of the epidermal tissues that regulate body temperature. With summer comes the sultry heat that causes excessive sweat and in this article we will find out what are the main characteristics of the most suitable and refreshing deodorant for the summer.

How to choose an effective, long-lasting and safe deodorant for the summer season?

The type of skin and the level of fragrance are the priority elements that are taken into consideration for the identification of the most appropriate product. In fact, for the most sensitive skins, deodorants with specific compositions that reduce redness, itching and annoying irritations are necessary. The most popular fragrances, on the other hand, recall the aromatic and sparkling notes of the natural essences typical of the summer season. Citrus fruits, peaches and aloe vera are the main perfumes that give freshness and lightness to people looking for a pleasant olfactory signature to wear during the hottest days of the year. The best deodorant for the summer must delicately counteract the proliferation of bacteria responsible for halos and bad smells. For this reason, there are various products on the market that satisfy as many personal needs and adapt to different skin types. To choose an effective deodorant for summer days, the following elements can be evaluated:

  • Freshness
  • Delicacy
  • Perfume
  • Antibacterial capacity
  • Skin sensitivity

Aluminum-free deodorants are the most appropriate solution for sensitive skin that requires greater perspiration. These cosmetic products, in fact, prevent bad odors without irritating or reddening the epidermis. In fact, aluminum salts reduce perspiration with a chemical formulation that inhibits the sweat glands and interrupts perspiration. Not surprisingly, they are recommended for people with special needs and excessive sweating.

How to avoid bad smells during the summer?

Sweating is a physiological process that preserves body temperature and stimulates skin hydration. It plays an indispensable role for the human organism and, for this reason, it cannot be completely eliminated. Deodorants reduce the bacterial load responsible for bad smells, but other alternative tricks can also be adopted to limit the unpleasant effects of perspiration. Fabrics that facilitate skin perspiration such as silk, linen or cotton, for example, are perfect for hot summer days. Nutrition also requires particular attention and during the summer season all meals that cause laborious and excessively long digestions are not recommended. A light diet that includes the rehydration of lost fluids, personal hygiene and hair removal hinder the development of bacterial colonies.

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