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How to choose the right caregiver: 4 tips

Elderly in wheelchair medical assistance

In an increasingly aging country like Italy, it is obvious that more and more families need a caregiver to best take care of the elderly and sick managed at home.

These are some tips for choosing the right person to entrust the well-being and health of our loved ones!

Elderly in wheelchair medical assistance

Contact an agency

A pretty reliable way to speed up the process and make everything more intuitive and simple is to manage the hiring through an agency. If you are in the capital, we recommend this website of a famous agency for finding carers in Rome , which can independently manage the entire process, from the selection of the operator to the bureaucratic documentation.

An agency, for an overall modest cost if you think about the advantages, will help you:

  1. identify a person with the right references and skills
  2. facilitate the hiring process by dedicating yourself to the creation of the employment contract
  3. handle any type of dispute or difficulty that may arise, saving you a significant amount of time, energy and money later.


In a job involving contact with people, references are truly precious. Having a small conversation with the selected person's previous employers will help you understand whether you are entrusting your loved one to someone with the right characteristics and the right skills and competencies.

If you choose to contact an agency as we suggest, the references will be sent to you or shown to you independently at the time of hiring, so you will not have to look for further information.

If you want to manage the matter independently, we recommend that you ask for the telephone numbers or emails of the last three employers for an informal but informative chat about the person selected.


The person who the caregiver will have to look after should also be present at the time of the interview, at least in the initial part: the positive feeling between the two people is essential for a profitable and fruitful collaboration for everyone, with as little discomfort as possible.

The two people should in fact "click" in some way, and immediately have a relationship that is at least calm and serene, if not one of total trust and immediate openness.

At the interview you can present the specific needs of the person, to clarify with absolute certainty what you expect from the performance, and ask the candidate what activities he or she intends to implement to make the life of the person and his or her family as easy as possible.

In this case, apps for tracking medication intake or the use of shared calendars for medical visits or important commitments can help.

Regulations for the employment contract

Domestic work is strictly regulated by specific laws, which place strict limits on the person's performance as well as on the contractual conditions. An agency will help you create a tailor-made contract that can satisfy both parties involved, but if again you have decided not to take advantage of these services you will have to consult a labor consultant, perhaps specializing in domestic care work, to draw up a good contract in compliance with all the requirements (working hours, holidays, permits, illness, use of law 104 for the carer , and so on).

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