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How to combine the oversized blazer according to the trendy looks for winter 2022-2023

Military green blazer

The blazer is back, increasingly trendy in its oversized version and much more than a jacket: here's how it can be combined according to the trends

You know that best friend who has always been there, has seen you grow up and knows exactly what you would do in any situation? In short, a life partner that gives you confidence and comfort just like your blazer, a must-have in your wardrobe that has now become much more than a jacket. There are many models, textures, nuances, but only one is the prevailing trend for winter 2022-2023 : wear it in its oversized version, to create more than one look with the same model. Sustainability, recycling and "trendyness", is there more to add?

Blazer over: the models for winter 2022-2023 celebrate textures

From the basic in black, gray, white, now that the blazer has officially reached the must-have statement it dares and for this season it has decided to get even more beautiful. It always remains itself, with its daddy or dandy design and feminine allure that makes us feel happily elegant tomboys but stands out for its texture, velvet at the forefront. A dark, oversized and velvet model is the no plus ultra of the season's glam.

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One of the trendiest, ready to be worn in the most versatile way possible: paired with matching trousers or broken up with jeans for a party or a pleasant evening with friends, the pinstripe oversized blazer can only be the most "on-the-line" " of the year. Maneskin + Gucci docet! More excessive and less rigorous than in the past, it has definitely crossed the line of the office look .

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Practical, sophisticated but not too flashy in the daily version? It could only be the tweed blazer, a romantic, rigorous and original fabric that Chanel immediately makes. Soft, enveloping, it's the garment we need to resist the most intense days in the office in style or to crack a job interview.

How to combine the oversized blazer: leggings, miniskirts, jeggings, a little outdoor jacket and a little dress

The versatility of the oversize blazer this year is in its transformation capacity: much more than a jacket, being oversize and therefore a little longer, it is perfect to be worn with a pair of leather-effect leggings or even patterned or plain-coloured jeggings. Thus, two looks are already ready: sporty, with a pair of amphibians or ankle boots, elegant with a pair of pumps.

If double-breasted models naturally transform into blazer dresses, single-breasted models can be enhanced with a belt at the waist: double, a jewel, it will highlight the waist giving a touch of sensuality to your look. The oversized blazer can also be worn open and in this case you can make your look even sexier by choosing a miniskirt, a bodysuit, crop top or brassiere and a pair of tights, ready for the next party!

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