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How to cook roasted peppers in an air fryer

Peppers in the air fryer

Peppers in the air fryer, an easy side dish to make in a few minutes in a light and digestible way!

The first time we heard of an air fryer we wondered if it could really cook food in an optimal way: the answer is yes! This will be an alternative method to oven, microwave, broil or gas cooking. Our vegan column delves into the discovery of a new type of uniform and burn-free cooking . Today we will talk about air fryer peppers which, in this way, will be firm and fleshy.

We who love scenographic and colorful dishes wanted to use all three types of peppers, but if your tastes prefer only some of them… go ahead! Seasoned with a few tablespoons of oil, they are perfect for an original side dish or as part of a tasty appetizer, or even better for seasoning meat main courses and for filling your sandwiches. You will get fried peppers in an air fryer but, without being subjected to the classic frying, they will be light and digestible .

Don't waste time, let's discover this very simple procedure together right away!

Peppers in the air fryer
Peppers in the air fryer

Preparing pepperoni recipe in air fryer

  1. Wash the peppers well and dry them by patting the surface .
  2. Place the peppers on the fryer basket, operate at 200° for 20 minutes making them cook on each side.
  3. Make sure of optimal cooking by touching the peppers: they will be ready when they are soft .
  4. Let the peppers cool slightly on a plate so as not to burn your fingers, and then remove their skin.
  5. Cut them with a knife by removing the stalk and the internal seeds, then slice them into strips and season with oil and salt.
  6. Your peppers are ready!

You can further season the peppers with apple cider vinegar, minced garlic and some aromatic herbs: minced parsley, basil or thyme. Instead of roasting whole peppers , you can wash, clean and slice them and then season them in a bowl and cook them in the air fryer.


If you have any leftover air fryer roasted peppers, store them in the fridge and use within 2 days .

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