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How to eat out when you’re on a diet

dish in the restaurant

Eating out when on a diet can be difficult. Let's find out what are the tips to follow.

Going on a diet means starting to follow a whole series of rules which, in some cases, can be difficult to apply. Going towards the summer , for example, it can be difficult to reconcile the need to consume certain foods (which are healthy and low in calories) with social life.
Luckily, there's no need to give up spending time with friends. Even when you are on a diet it is in fact possible to eat out and even do it with gusto . What matters is learning to choose between the right foods and understanding how to manage yourself for the rest of the day.
Let's find out, therefore, what are the basic rules for following a diet while going out for lunch or dinner.

How and what to eat out when you're on a diet: the tips to follow

To lose weight (as well as to maintain it) it is important to eat in a healthy and balanced way, avoiding glycemic peaks usually caused by the consumption of sugars and moderating the amount of fat, especially if saturated.
As already seen with the rules for a healthy and balanced breakfast , lunch and dinner must also be balanced and this obviously also applies if you eat out. Whether it's for lunch or dinner, it's therefore important to always choose healthy foods such as whole grains, lean proteins and good fats.

dish in the restaurant
dish in the restaurant

If you manage to keep your meal balanced, it will be possible to follow the rest of the day in a completely normal way. So let's see some examples of meals that can be followed for both lunch and dinner.

– A bowl with venere rice, salmon and avocado
– A salad with chicken and mixed vegetables to be served with a wholemeal sandwich and fruit
– A second course based on meat or lean fish with salad (dressed with extra virgin olive oil) and accompanied by a wholemeal sandwich and fruit
– A small wholemeal sandwich stuffed with sliced ​​turkey, mozzarella and salad
– A plate of pasta or brown rice with vegetables and parmesan and a small salad with eggs
– A plate of bresaola with parmesan flakes and a salad dressed with extra virgin olive oil

Generally, if you want to drink wine , you can reduce the amount of bread or fruit.
If, on the other hand, you choose to eat a small portion of dessert, you can replace it with the portion of bread or wine.

How to manage meals after a lunch or before a dinner out

We have seen that eating out is generally much easier than you think. What matters is knowing how to choose the right foods. If you follow a menu like the one shown in the examples above, just carry on with your day as usual to go smoothly. The important thing, especially if you have a food plan studied by the nutritionist, is to continue or anticipate the meal with different types of food.

Furthermore, in case of excesses, it is not necessary to remedy by skipping the next meal. If you are really full , you can opt to eat reducing portions . Otherwise it is better to eat normally. In fact, in a healthy and balanced food plan, a single meal cannot make the difference and, more importantly, any extra weight the next day will be given above all by fluid retention which will soon return.

On the contrary, if you deprive yourself of food, you risk going into binges that can ruin everything. The secret, therefore, lies in moderation and knowing how to always choose healthy foods that are able to satisfy the palate without damaging the figure and health.

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