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How to fill up on vitamin D to live better

vitamin D

Vitamin D is an essential component for the proper functioning of the body. Let's find out how to integrate it naturally.

In recent years, vitamin D has become a constant when it comes to well-being.
It is in fact now known that its deficiency can lead to various decompensations as well as the intensification of some pathologies. More and more doctors are prescribing an annual check, integrating it if it is low and opting for solutions that can increase it rapidly .
To this end, it may be useful to take stock of the situation and understand what are the ways to fill up on vitamin D.

Vitamin D: all the ways to integrate it

Generally, when you are faced with an actual vitamin D deficiency, the first solution recommended by your doctor is to supplement it. To do this, there are special drugs to which it is also possible to add a different lifestyle and the intake of certain foods.

vitamin D
vitamin D

But how can you fill it up?
In addition to supplements (the method of intake of which should always be prescribed by your doctor), it is very important to be exposed to the sun's rays. In fact, this allows to increase its production and ensure that vitamin D is conserved in the skeletal muscles and in the adipose tissue. An indispensable aspect to ensure that the same vitamin is then released in winter, when the sun is obviously less present. To enjoy the benefits of being outdoors on the nicest days, just go out for a walk two or three times a week for fifteen minutes at a time. All of course, even with suits and coats and always with the necessary protection from the sun's rays.

To this you will have to add moderate physical activity to add a diet that is rich in foods that contain it . Among these are cheeses , eggs (especially the yolk), butter, salmon, cocoa , liver and mushrooms. Soy milk and oatmeal also contain a fair amount of it (albeit in smaller quantities), proving to be essential for those who, for example, follow a vegan diet.

However, it is good to remember that diet alone, in the event of important deficiencies, is not enough. And that the best way to fill up on vitamin D is to use as many methods as possible among those indicated, obviously including any supplements if prescribed by your doctor.

Why it's important to maintain normal vitamin D levels

Vitamin D, also known as the sunshine vitamin, is essential for various functions in the body. Among these are, homeostasis (the body's self-regulation), the activation of the immune system, the absorption of some vitamins and minerals, the well-being of bones, teeth and muscles, the health of the nervous system, the growth of the cells, the reduction of inflammation, etc…

Its deficiency can also lead to confusion, bone or muscle pain, tiredness and worsening of some diseases such as fibromyalgia . Taking it therefore proves to be really important to live well and to guarantee the body everything it needs to function at its best.

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