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How to furnish a luxury bathroom without spending much

Modern bathroom furniture

If you are struggling with home furnishings, the time has come to think about a bathroom, but you don't have a large budget to complete this room and you don't want to give up the look you've always dreamed this room should have, there are some tips and tricks that could help you achieve this result.

In this article, you will discover how to furnish your bathroom giving it a luxurious look, without necessarily having to increase the budget you have available.

Choose a shower enclosure that has a refined appearance

The shower enclosure plays a fundamental role among the elements that will help you obtain the furnishing result you desire.

The ideal are walk-in showers, which give an immediate feeling of sophistication to the furnishings, but based on the sense of exclusivity that this bathroom element manages to give, your result will be closer to materialising.

Avoid satin or ribbed glass and prefer smooth ones, which also allow you to see the rest of the shower (this will also require particular attention when choosing the column or panel that you will insert inside).

A key role is also played by the shower tray

It is very important, therefore, to base yourself on the color with which you have chosen to populate this room, to create a pleasant contrast or a sense of continuity and coherence with it, but texture also plays an important role.

A matte finish can create a sense of elegance and modernity which can also help furnish a classic bathroom.

To obtain a complete shower enclosure that can guarantee you a luxurious result with an eye on the cost of each component, buy your shower online and in this way you will be able to compare the price of the items you are interested in, get a detailed technical overview of each product, which you can compare at your leisure, making not only prudent choices from a technical point of view, but also convenient and faster from a practical point of view.


Bathroom sink: the unexpected co-protagonist

The bathroom sink is the second most observed element when entering a bathroom and, for this reason, the other major element to pay attention to during the set-up phase.

To obtain the result you want, the first thing to do is a comparison between the shower tray and the sink, making sure that these 2 elements harmonize with each other. Harmony which does not necessarily equate to choosing the same colour, but style and shape must not create a stylistic or chromatic contrast.

Those that contribute to providing this type of result today are countertop washbasins. Depending on the selected furnishing style, shape and design must vary.

Bathroom taps and fixtures

If the budget you have available is limited, you can play easy on these 2 elements and aim for absolute minimalism. Simple lines, a minimal design that does not particularly attract attention, leaving the core focus to be the other 2 elements.

The suggestions provided do not recall a particular furnishing style in a deliberate way, to give you the opportunity to tailor these suggestions to the style with which you will ultimately populate your bathroom.

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