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How to harden your nails in a simple and natural way

hands nails

Let's find out how to harden your nails with completely natural and very simple techniques to put into practice.

Finding the right technique that answers the problem of how to harden nails is not always easy. However, this is a problem that should not be underestimated. Having weak nails in fact leads to continuous breakage and the difficulty of applying enamels or false nails. Luckily there are several ways to DIY and natural nail strengthening. So let's find out which are the most important .

How to harden nails naturally: the methods

After having seen how to grow nails in a simple and completely green way, it is important to understand how to keep them at their best and therefore stronger.

hands nails
hands nails

In fact, there are several techniques that can be useful and that are even very simple to implement. How to strengthen your nails, then? First of all it is very important to take care of them and keep them at a length that is not exaggerated and that does not subject them to unnecessary trauma. This way, it will be easier to help them fortify themselves.

That said, among the rules on how to strengthen weak nails are not to wet them for too long (for example by taking long baths or soaking hands for any other reason), use them as little as possible by applying force on the fingertips and avoiding products. aggressive (like those for manicures) at least until they are stronger.

Natural remedies to strengthen nails

Let's start by saying that for the well-being of the nails it is important to eat well and always keep well hydrated. That said, there are natural remedies that can help make nails stronger without having to resort to particular and expensive products.
A good example is the Aloe Vera gel which once applied to the nails moisturizes and nourishes them, making them naturally stronger.

To it you can add masks to be made with bicarbonate and lemon. In fact, it is sufficient to mix the two ingredients together (if desired, you can also add a pinch of honey) to obtain a cream to apply on the nails and to keep for at least five minutes. After the time has elapsed, you can rinse with warm water and carefully dry your hands. Using these remedies every day will help your nails grow stronger and stronger.

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