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How to improve the quality of your life with the help of a psychologist

Session with a psychotherapist

Unfortunately there are still too many prejudices about the figure of the psychologist, but it is necessary to clear them and help people understand the real role of this professional figure within society.

In fact, it is not necessary to have "a problem" to go to the psychologist, most of the time what drives us to make an appointment can only be the desire to make ourselves better or increase our already present qualities .

It is certainly not a simple passage, psychologists are the first who understand the need to meet people to help them feel more at ease, for this reason in collaboration with has decided to exploit technology and offer the possibility of accessing video consultations.

Session with a psychotherapist

What is the psychologist's job?

Probably most of the prejudices come from the confusion that exists regarding the true work of the psychologist .

What you need to know and understand is that psychology is a real science , which is based on studies, tests and axioms.

We may all be different, but certain mechanisms are very common in humans.

Well, the psychologist is an expert in this science , he knows what these mechanisms are and therefore knows how to deal with them when someone can give people dissatisfaction or problems.

Talking to a psychologist therefore serves to make him understand how these mechanisms work within us and his job consists in giving us tools that are able to allow us to modify them and get as close as possible to our happiness.

Yes, we have used the term " allow ourselves", but the reason is obvious: the psychologist in fact has no power over our mind .

It can help us understand it , it can give us the best tools to be able to change it, but then the real work is up to us… with the support and constant monitoring of our trusted psychologist, who will never leave us alone in all of this anyway.

When to consult a psychologist?

In a simple word: always .

In fact, there is no ideal moment or specific problem, but we can request the support of a psychologist at any time in our lives and for any reason.

A love breakup? An exam we can't pass? A friendship we risk losing? The psychologist will be able to help you find the answers and resources within you to cope with all the small, or large, obstacles in life .

But not only the most difficult moments can push us to seek a consultation: in fact, the psychologist can also be useful simply to improve some side of you , of your character, that you want to correct or increase.

Are you too shy? Or maybe you are already quite sociable but feel that you could give more? Or would you like to be a little more resolute, more determined, more self-confident?

These and many other needs can be addressed and overcome with the help of a psychologist.

The utility of video consultations

The first approach is always the most difficult, is perfectly aware of this and for this reason , together with , it has found a way to meet all needs.

Since November 25, in fact, they have made 300 free video consultations available to users, so as to overcome the first impact block with the help of the internet.

The idea was born from the exorbitant number of requests received for the Psychologist Bonus , so numerous that unfortunately this useful resource was not enough to cover them all., as stated in the press release published on , has therefore decided to do its part, offering this incredible opportunity in an attempt to help as many people as possible.

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