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How to increase breast milk: tips and natural remedies

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How to increase breast milk? There are several natural methods to promote milk froth, including some herbs.

Breastfeeding is a topic that often makes new mothers suffer. Still, it would be better not to worry because you are only fueling the problem. Let's see how to increase breast milk by following simple tricks and which are the best herbs in cases of low milk froth.

How to increase breast milk: valuable advice

There are many women who wonder how to increase breast milk , both naturally and with some help. Generally, in the first weeks after delivery, the breasts are very swollen, then they become increasingly soft, almost emptied. Let's immediately clarify that this is an absolutely normal condition, not due to a lack of milk but to the balance that has been created between the child's need and the production of milk. Also, remember that breast size does not indicate the presence or absence of milk. A woman with small breasts will be able to breastfeed safely until the end, just as it may happen that a woman with large breasts will not be able to continue breastfeeding until the end.

First of all, to increase milk production it is recommended to increase the frequency and duration of feedings. Try not to follow fixed times or rules, but adapt to the needs of the baby who, with sucking, will stimulate productivity. Also, don't forget to drink at least two liters of water a day and, as regards what to eat , prefer soups to a plate of pasta, in order to replenish the liquids that are lost.

Not enough breast milk: what to do?

If you have followed the advice listed above and have not been able to stimulate milk production, you can also try some particularly effective natural remedies. The most suitable herbs are: galega, anise, fennel and fenugreek. They are not only able to increase productivity, but also reduce the baby's physiological colic . As for supplements, however, take them only on the advice of your gynecologist.

After having seen how to increase the milk froth, two clarifications are in order. Beware of stress and anxiety, both during and after pregnancy, as it can affect milk production. Also, if the baby has difficulty latching on to the breast or to drain the chest, help yourself with the breast pump.

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