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How to keep open milk in the fridge: the right place and the one to avoid

milk in the fridge

Keeping milk in the fridge, especially in the summer, is very important. Let's find out where it is best to keep it and which space is absolutely to be avoided.

Milk is one of the products that are consumed the most every day. And the percentage increases if vegetable drinks designed to replace it are also included.
A fact that is not often thought of is that once opened the milk should always be kept in the refrigerator, especially on the hottest days. Only in this way, in fact, is it possible to make it last the two or three days indicated on the package.
The problem is that most people often tend to keep this delicate product in the wrong place.
So let's try to understand what is the best place to keep the milk and what is the one that should be absolutely avoided.

Storage of milk in the fridge: here's where to keep it

If the milk can be kept in the pantry when closed (unless it is fresh), once opened it must be kept in the refrigerator. This is also indicated on the package precisely because by acting differently you run the risk of making it acidic within a few hours.

milk in the fridge
milk in the fridge

What not everyone knows is that simply putting it in the fridge is often not enough. In order to obtain the right conservation, the milk must in fact be stored in the right way. This is usually the central shelf of the refrigerator, i.e. the one where yogurt and dairy products are kept (or should be kept). In fact, in this part of the fridge, the temperature is never too high and even when you open the appliance to take out food, you don't run the risk of heating the milk, thus causing it to deteriorate prematurely.

Be careful though, because to ensure that the bottle of opened milk keeps really well it is important to place it somewhat inside but never attached to the back of the refrigerator. Otherwise, the risk would be to let it cool too much by freezing it and causing the milk to undergo transformations every time you open the fridge.
By acting in the correct way and taking care never to keep the fridge open for too long (which is also harmful to other foods), the milk will keep for the time indicated on the package and unnecessary waste will be avoided.

The place to never keep milk

Now that we have seen how to store opened milk in the fridge it is important to remember what is the point (chosen by most people) where it should never be. The answer is the refrigerator door. In this way, in fact, the bottle would change temperature each time the fridge was opened and this would cause the milk to turn sour. An even more evident problem if you have the habit of keeping the door open for several minutes.

In this case the risks become even higher and the consequences can be those of a milk that is immediately sour. Learning how to store milk correctly is the best choice to avoid waste and to guarantee a product that is always healthy and capable of not compromising health in any way. This also applies to vegetable drinks of all kinds (such as almond milk for example) and, in general, to all products that need to be stored in the refrigerator.

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