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How to make a perfect omelette? Photos and videos of the classic recipe


How do you make the French omelet? Let's find out what the right technique is, the ingredients, the basic recipe and everything you need to know!

The omelette is a typical recipe of French cuisine, and no… it's not an omelette! In fact, the two recipes are similar both from the point of view of the ingredients and in their appearance, but in reality they are two different dishes.

Unlike a classic Italian omelette, the omelette is prepared leaving the eggs less cooked, or as they say, drooling. In fact, its texture is moist , spongy and soft, and this is possible thanks to rapid cooking over low heat .

The other difference is in the ingredients: milk (or cream) is added to the eggs, but as we will see, it is also possible to use other foods for the filling . What do you say, shall we get to the stove? Let's see all the photo steps or the video recipe .


How to make omelette: basic recipe

Pour the eggs into a bowl

1. Break the eggs into a glass bowl.

Whisk the eggs with the milk, salt and pepper

2. At this point, beat the eggs with a whisk and slowly add the milk with a pinch of salt and pepper.

Grease pan with butter

3. Heat a pan on the stove with some butter , so as to grease it well: this way you won't risk the egg sticking to the base.

Pour egg mixture into skillet

4. When the pan is hot, pour the mixture into it.

Close with the lid
Close with the lid

5. Let it cook for a few minutes: the effect you will have to obtain is a very light browning at the bottom and a still slimy consistency at the top. As soon as it starts to firm up on the edges, cover with a lid and cook over a very low heat until you get the desired result.

Close omelets

6. When you find yourself in this situation, you will need to fold the omelet over itself. To do this, there are those who simply flip it over with the help of a spatula, creating the classic crescent shape or closing the two flaps, and those who instead blow it up by tapping the handle of the pot and rolling it several times. You use the technique you prefer, the important thing is to act quickly or else the egg will be overcooked !

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Stuffed omelette: this is how it's done

Omelet filled with ham and cheese
Omelet filled with ham and cheese

Now that we know the basics of the dish, we can also prepare fabulous stuffed omelettes, choosing to use vegetables, mushrooms, cold cuts, cheeses and more. But how is it done?

Take for example a tasty ham and cheese omelette. Once you have poured the mixture into the pan, arrange the slices of ham and the chunks of cheese (you can use stracchino for example).

Turn the omelette upside down and close it. Et voilà , the dish is ready!

Sweet omelet

Omelet with sweet filling
Omelet with sweet filling

There is no limit to the imagination with this dish! If you want to create a sweet version of this recipe, you can first of all choose not to salt the dough and leave it neutral , or add just a pinch of sugar.

At this point, all you have to do is stuff while cooking with the ingredients we like most: sauces, fresh fruit, Nutella, jam… and maybe a sprinkling of icing sugar at the end. A real goodness!

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This recipe has the characteristic of being frothy, light and delicious when eaten as soon as it is ready . We advise against leaving it in the refrigerator for more than a day, and it is also not suitable for freezing in the freezer.

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