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How to make caramelized oranges: what a delicacy!

Caramellised Oranges

Perfect for decorating donuts, plumcakes and cakes, for flavoring ice cream or other spoon desserts: here's how to prepare caramelized oranges.

If you too want to find out how to caramelize fruit, you can't miss the recipe for preparing caramelized oranges with sugar and Marsala. In addition to the pulp and peel of oranges, to make the fruit even tastier you can add vanilla sticks, cloves or juniper berries.

I recommend that you consume oranges prepared following this recipe immediately after preparation !

Caramellised Oranges
Caramellised Oranges

Preparation of caramelized oranges

  1. Start by washing the organic oranges thoroughly under running water.
  2. Now cut them into slices about half a centimeter thick and boil them in water for about 5 minutes to remove part of the bitterness from the white peel of the fruit.
  3. In a separate saucepan put the water and sugar, put on the fire until you get a transparent syrup.
  4. At this point, dip the orange slices and leave them to cook (over low heat) for about 20-30 minutes or in any case until the syrup has withdrawn, leaving the slices of beautiful bright and caramelized orange.
  5. Let them cool directly in the saucepan (be careful that they do not cool completely otherwise they will stick) or take them and let them dry on a shelf.

For other recipes with oranges, we recommend candied peel !


We recommend storing the caramelized oranges for a few weeks in a sterilized glass container, in a cool and dry place. We do not recommend freezing in the freezer.

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