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How to make stuffed eggs? Recipe photos and video

Stuffed eggs

Stuffed eggs are a delicious appetizer that can be prepared in large quantities, perfect for serving during large dinners or lunches.

If you are looking for appetizers with boiled eggs, then you absolutely must try the stuffed eggs. This classic of Italian cuisine is perfect to serve on special occasions , but above all it will allow you to bring a wonderful, delicious and inviting dish to the table… and ready in just a few minutes!

Today we will see the classic recipe for this dish, which includes a filling created with egg yolks, tuna, butter and anchovies, but also some variations. Let's see how to make these stuffed eggs: follow us into the kitchen and arm yourself with good will and an appetite. To ensure you don't miss a single step, we also have our video recipe .

Stuffed eggs
Stuffed eggs

How to make eggs stuffed with tuna

1. Let's start by seeing how to make eggs stuffed with tuna. Take the eggs and boil them until they are hard-boiled (it will take about ten minutes).

Shell hard-boiled eggs and separate yolks and whites

2. Once done, shell the eggs, extract the yolk very delicately. In this dish, in fact, you will need it for the filling, while the white will be the container. So be careful not to damage the egg when you remove the yolk.

Prepare the filling for the hard-boiled eggs

3. Now take a bowl and mix the egg yolks with the parsley, the canned tuna, the butter at room temperature, the anchovies and finally salt (not too much and only if needed) and pepper. You can also add capers and chives, or add a little paprika to flavor.

Stuff the egg whites and create your stuffed eggs

4. Once the filling is ready, fill the eggs by adding a few spoonfuls of filling into the egg white cavity. Let them rest in the fridge and once they are cold , serve them on the table.

Your stuffed eggs are finally ready . Enjoy your meal!

They are perfect for your Easter appetizers but also as Christmas appetizers ! For many other ideas, try all our best quick appetizers !

Stuffed eggs with mayonnaise

The classic filling for boiled eggs is the one we described step by step, with the original recipe, in the previous paragraph. However, many people now prefer stuffed eggs with a silkier filling and, for this reason, mayonnaise is added. All you need to do is add a few spoons and mix the hard-boiled yolk together with the other ingredients to obtain a delicious and soft cream to spread on the egg whites.

Stuffed deviled eggs
Stuffed deviled eggs

The recipes for stuffed eggs for the appetizer are, we imagine you have understood, really many.

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Stuffed eggs: other variations and fillings

Stuffed deviled eggs are delicious and slightly spicy, or more basic with ham filling. You can also mix the yolk with many other ingredients, for hard-boiled eggs that will amaze all your guests. For example, why not prepare stuffed eggs with salmon ? Simply mix the egg yolk with the spreadable cheese and the shredded smoked salmon. Or mix the yolk with the green sauce or with a vegetable couscous to prepare perfect vegetarian stuffed eggs.


Everyone knows: stuffed eggs should be enjoyed as soon as they are made (or at most after 1 or 2 hours in the fridge). If you really can't finish them all, you can store them for a maximum of 1 day in the refrigerator covered in cling film. We do not recommend freezing.

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