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How to make swordfish in a pan: with our video recipe

Pan-cooked Swordfish

Fancy a delicious slice of pan-fried swordfish? Then follow our advice and our recipe for this delicious second course.

The pan-fried swordfish recipe is tasty, easy to make and perfect to serve on any occasion, ideal if you want to make your guests happy with a simple and refined dish at the same time.

Today we will first prepare a version of the classic dish and then a more colorful and Mediterranean variant, which can still be included in our dietary recipes . Are you ready to sauté with us to bring something wonderful to the table? Then follow us , we also have our video recipe to prepare it in a flash.

Pan-cooked Swordfish
Pan-cooked Swordfish

How to cook swordfish in a pan in white

Add herbs and fish to the pan

1. Pan-fried fish is very simple: place a clove of garlic with some herbs (parsley and thyme stems) in a baking dish, then drizzle with a little extra virgin olive oil, lemon and heat .

Cook swordfish

2. At this point, brown the fish on both sides, then pour in the white wine and let it evaporate . Once the alcohol has evaporated, add more chopped parsley, white pepper and salt.
3. Be careful not to overcook the fish: 5 minutes will be enough if the slice is not too large, otherwise continue for a few more minutes

Season swordfish

4. If you want an even tastier fish, you can marinate it for about twenty minutes with lemon, oil, peppercorns, parsley stems and salt and then proceed with cooking.

The result, we are certain, can only be perfect. Just think that, with a few small adjustments , it can become an excellent sauce for pasta! Once you try it, you will immediately include it among your favorite light summer recipes , just like we did!

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Pan-fried swordfish with cherry tomatoes and…

Pan-cooked Swordfish
Pan-cooked Swordfish

A delicious variant of this dish can be made simply by adding some tasty ingredients to the pan. Olives, capers and cherry tomatoes are certainly the masters, but anchovies that dissolve in the oil can also give the fish a proper flavour .

In general, make sure that the cherry tomatoes and the rest of the ingredients cook properly, so put all the ingredients in the pan at the beginning. We can only recommend that you also try Sicilian swordfish : this is a delicious recipe and is prepared simply by adding tomatoes, capers and olives!

And if you love this ingredient, find out how to make baked swordfish !

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We advise you to enjoy this dish the same day you prepare it or at most the following day. Store it in a tightly closed container and bear in mind that once you have heated it for the second time it will tend to be a little drier.

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